PC Gaming - How Expensive Vs. How Rewarding

Associatedcontent: One of the most expensive components is without doubt the video card. Only the "extreme" processors are more expensive.

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Letros3205d ago

"If you are the type of gamer which focuses on a few titles yearly (maximum 5 let's say, and those are not RTS'), then a console is the thing for you."

I think that is pretty accurate, I find myself gaming a lot more on my PC, I buy probably 3-4 games a month from Steam deals, I have too much to play it's hard to keep up, but if you're pretty casual there is not doubt consoles are a better investment in the long run.

BTW if you spend more than $700-800 on a high-end rig, you did something wrong.

mcgrawgamer3205d ago

anyone who can bypass great steam deals not including the Holiday sale and STILL come out with 5 games yearly needs to stop gaming period :D

My rig is 2 going on 3 years old specs in my bio and once I upgrade my GPU to let's say a 5870 or GTX 480 i've just extended the life of my system another 3 to 4 years and every game I've purchased will STILL be playable on that system. It's a 50/50 chance if the games I have on my ps3 will be playable on the ps4......

Expensive? depends on the buyer and budget.
Rewarding? can't be denied.

Pandamobile3205d ago

I spent $1600 on my current PC, but I do a lot more than just gaming on my PC.

The i7 helps a lot when it comes to video editing and After Effects. Helps with 3DS and Maya renders aswell.

presto7173205d ago

For everyone else, HD consoles start at $299.

Therealspy033205d ago

most expensive...most rewarding...

ColdFire3205d ago

Everyone NEEDS a PC nowadays, a basic but reasonable PC will cost £350, new.

A good gaming PC costs minimum £500, only £150 different, or roughly console price.

So if you are buying a PC, which you will have to, why no make it a gaming one and skip the console.

When one factors in lower game cost, no online fee, often free DLC...

evrfighter3205d ago

I just built a pc that maxes out bc2 @ 1080p averaging 60-70fps for a little less then $800.

I was very impressed with it and now I have a few more people (console gamers) that want the same setup. I'm gonna be very busy this month.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I'm VERY close to pulling the trigger on a 5870, but I'm still not 100% sure that I will be happy if I do.

I have been gaming on consoles (only) for my entire life, but I have decided that I want to start gaming on my PC, but only if the difference between it and my consoles is a big one (hence my reason for considering the 5870).

I'm worried that I will drop the cash for the 5870 only to find that the differences are not that great (playing on a 50" B650 1080P Samsung plasma, by the way).

I suspect that the first time I pop in Crysis my fears will vanish, however. :D

ColdFire3205d ago

I have a 5850 here, you may want to consider it, very close power, not so expensive. Can max out EVERY game I own, and I own all the high ends ones. I have played a lot of console games recently, trust me, you won't have ANY difficulty seeing the difference :D

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Cool, thanks for the info.

I'm considering the 5850 also, but I think in the end I am gonna go all-out and get the 5870 (just to play it safe).

ColdFire3205d ago

Well, a faster card can't hurt :D
But be sure you are not wasting money that may be better spent on the other parts of your PC. Remember, easy to upgrade a graphics card, processor is not as easy.

Aphe3205d ago

I don't see how any gamer could live on 5 games a year. 5 games? That's just being starved.

Software_Lover3205d ago

For me, pc gaming is just a different experience. Its not always about the specs, or how much better does this look than the console. Its the different variety of games we get. Especially when it comes to the RTS genre. People debate on here about how long games are. God of War is 8 hours long. Conviction is 5 hours long. Thats good fanboy banter.

But on pc, getting enthralled in a great campaign of Medieval Total War is ridiculous. Sitting at your desk, what seems like minutes, in actuality its hours, doing your best to take over the known world. Or save your faction from extinction. No set time for completion, you play at your pace.

Or popping in Sins of A solar empire, conquering the galaxy one planet at a time. Hours and hours of fun. And you decide on the type of game you want to play. Small quick battles. Or take on large clusters of solar systems. Have half of the field on your side. Or take on everyone and be the lone ranger, getting attacked from all sides.

Supreme Commander, another great title. Just my opinion though. Many other great games in other genres also.

And dont forget about xfire. The pc version of xbox live/PSN.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )


I think I'm in a pretty good position with what I currently have:

Phenom II X4 945
6 gigs DDR2
850 Watt PSU
Creative XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro sound card

My current GPU is a Radeon 2400 pro, so that is definitely my weakest link.

@Software Lover

I hate RTS games. :(
I wish I didn't, because I know that they rule (for those that like them) on the PC.
I appreciate your insight, though. Maybe someday I will start to like them. :)

About 95% of my time is spent playing FPS/TPS games.

crck3205d ago

@1.7 Just get a reference 5850 and overclock the hell out of it. At 1000 core/1200 memory its faster then a stock 5870.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3205d ago

I considered that, but I have no experience with overclocking things and I am worried that I will eff something up. lol

evrfighter3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )


sounds like me and you are going to have extremely similar setups.

Phenom II x4 940 @ 3.6ghz
6gb DDR2 800
750watt corsair PSU
though I run more than 1 HDD

Crysis is buttery smooth maxed out. I have yet to try Crysis Warhead but have played it and like it more than original crysis.

You'll notice insane differences in fps shooters. Because of the MW2 free weekend on steam I was able to properly make a comparison of MW2 between pc and 360 mostly for a cousin of mine who doesn't know too much about pc gaming.

I had the 360 and the pc running on the same monitor (24" Acer GD235hz: 360 on hdmi pc on DVI I just switched between sources)

you won't regret the 5870. borrow a few monitors/tv's and try and put together an eyefinity setup if only for an hour or so just to see how awesome it is. you'll be glad you went with it.

Letros3205d ago

When you get your PC setup, be sure to try Dawn of War 2 demo on Steam, it's not your traditional RTS game, more like and action/RPG game, extremely fun in coop.

ColdFire3204d ago

Not sure you will need the sounds card, I got one, I can't see much of a difference from my integrated one, and some games, (BFBC2), don't even use it. You HAVE to try some RTS and/or stratergy games, I can understand you may have been put off but the console versions, but they are one of the more rewarding genres.

sid4gamerfreak3204d ago

The PC is a much more rewarding platform to game on than the consoles. You get cheaper games, mods,precise controls, high resolution graphics and you can do so much more with the pc than consoles.

As for costs, pc gaming is relatively cheap, all you need is to know where to get the right parts from. Even a 8800gtx can run games on high.

As a long term investment, the pc ultimately provides the satisfaction and a rewarding gaming experience with being able to do so much more than a console.

Clubptxxx3204d ago

If you can't notice the difference between a high-end Sound card and on-board sound card, then I hate to say it, but you're doing it wrong.

BFBC2 does use high end sound. You need to have Surround Sound or a really nice headset to hear it though. My headset is Surround Sound and I can hear things you wouldn't believe. You can hear people sneaking up on you, tell where that Shell came from, Even tell exactly where the enemy is because he had to reload and you heard him scream it.

But yeah, in regards to everyone above, I spent a grand on my laptop. I can run BFBC2 on High with mild overclocking on the processor. It also has an nVidia GTX 260m in it.

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Software_Lover3205d ago

Receiving all of your components
taking precious time to put everything together (mod what you want)
and then hit the power button and everything flows.

Now if only devs would take more of an interest in pc gaming, and optimize games for the hardware thats out there. GPU's are getting ridiculously amazing but the games still lag. We have quad core cpu's but most devs are still using single core code. There are a few that are up on their game.

Cant wait to build my new rig

dktxx23205d ago

Its asking a lot out of a developer to optimize code for every gpu and cpu out there. Its not so much a lack of interest, but too many products from the hardware developers.

Software_Lover3205d ago

But have you ever looked at some of the system requirements on some of these games? Some games are still saying you need atleast a 256mb card. WTF. Nothing less than 512mb IMHO. There are other things I think could be done different but its just my opinion, and plus I dont like to just talk blindly, LOL. I like to have some facts to back up stuff.

But yes it is hard for pc devs to optimize because of all of the different rigs.

TABSF3205d ago

That is why ATi and Nvidia develop drivers, performance updates and work with developers to improve the games

ATi only ask TSMC to produce one chip for the HD 5000 series
Nvidia only ask TSMC to produce one chip for the GT 400 series

For example the GTX 470 100% identical to GTX 480 they are the same chip but features or cores are disabled

What makes them different is that the GTX 470 has 2 SM (Streaming Multiprocessors) disabled and the GTX 480 has 1 SM disable due to the TDP of the fermi being so high

Each SM has: 32 unified shaders and 4 texture units this is correct for both the GTX 470 and 480

The GTX 470 has 40 ROP units and the GTX 480 has 48
Each set of 4 SM have 10 ROPs on the GTX 470
Each set of 4 SM have 12 ROPs on the GTX 480

The only real differences is the amount of memory and memory interface which is 320bit on the GTX 470 and 384bit on the GTX 480 but this is most likely off the chip and on the PCB which communicates with the memory controllers on board the chips or they can disable lanes which I'm not sure about.

Clock speeds always differ

I could go on and talk about How similar the HD 5830 and HD 5870 is as they have the same Chip and PCB again only features and/ or cores will be disabled

DarkBlood3205d ago

well since they say its cheaper to build a gaming rig i bet it will be cheaper to turn my pc into a gaming rig no? cuz i want to do it and the one game will be reason enough to jusify it

Darkfocus3205d ago

depends what are your current pcs specs? if they're too outdated you'd be better off to go with a hole new rig(all though there's always some parts you could salvage that like DVD drives, hard drives,tower etc because they never really become outdated)

TABSF3205d ago

I only spent around £340 for my first build and the rewards was so good I have spent over £700 to get my current build were it is today

I have also spent around £500 on steam and got 116 games out of it

PC it only does everything

karlowma3205d ago

"PC it only does everything"

Agree, bubbles, props...

Raypture3205d ago

I agree, I've found that PS3 ad untrue, since PS3 is limited more to gaming but a PC (with the right components) can pretty much do everything, sure without a blu-ray drive it won't do blu-ray, but put one in it and it will.

stuntman_mike3205d ago

I think if someone's thinking of spending 600-700 on a pre built one they should definitely build their own gaming rig for that.

I'm starting to build my AMD Dragon gaming rig for just over 600.

steve30x3204d ago

A person could put better parts into a rig they build themselves than a rig prebuilt at 600 euro. You are paying for labour etc for a prebuilt PC and the parts arent near as good as a PC you build yourself at the same price.

My first few computers I bought (starting 8 years ago) were all pre built Intel machines. 5 Years ago I started building computers in a computer shop and got discounts on parts so I built my very own gaming rig 5 years ago (My father owns that now and it still runs perfectly). That rig lasted three years for me until I built this rig two years ago.

It is by far cheaper to build your own gaming rig if you know how than buy a pre built gaming rig. For an every day use computer (for the internet etc) it isnt much cheaper though. I wouldnt buy a pre built gaming rig any more nor ill I pay somebody to fix my rig when I know how to do it myself.

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