GameInformer Review Scores-May 2010

The latest issue of GameInformer sheds first light on developer People Can Fly latest creation Bulletsorm. Now that the good news is out and the game is looking rather good here's your monthly GameInformer review scores including titles like Super Street Fighter IV, Yakuza 3, Splinter Cell Conviction,Red Steel 2 and more.

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Simon_Brezhnev3114d ago

Wow Yakuza 3 got a low score but Super Street Fighter IV: got a 9 wow just wow. I think game informer are just casuals when it comes to fighting games. I still cant believe they gave Blazblue a 7.8.


So did I. I even wrote them a letter with one or two suggestions and told them to hurry up with more of it...

Gue13114d ago

they scored Blazblue with a 7? Are those guys crazy or just have bad taste? That game's at least a 9!

But at least they got it right with Resonance of Fate, that game just plain sucks. A 5 would have been a little bit more appropiate and Yakuza is more like a 7 than a 6 but of course this all it's my opinion.

The truth is they overrated FFXIII with a 9. It seems GI loves every popular games and hates all the less popular ones...

topdawg1223114d ago

Sweet SSF4 scoring as good as SCC. It might be the highest scoring game for April. That would be awesome!

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Nitrowolf23114d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes: 8.5/10

i can't wait for this, glad it got a good score

-Alpha3114d ago

I too am really excited for it, and the score is great.

AKS3114d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to 3D Dot Game Heroes.

DigitalHorror813114d ago

And hey, don't mind those disagrees concerning how great 3d heroes is going to be...that's just the taste of fail in an Xbot's mouth from the 360 unable to deliver such an epic tribute to Zelda. Anyway, I bought 3D as an import, so it'll be here in about a week. I'll post video as soon as I get a chance. Luckily for me my cousin speaks Japanese.

xabmol3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

3D Dot =


Alpha, you're avatar is killin' me, man!! I NEED SEASON 5 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<"

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garos823114d ago

ive been watching the game been played at my mates house and it looks pretty sweet for a game thats been out for over a year now.
from what ive seen so far (and its been a good 3 hours so far) this looks like a very high 8 in my opinion.

am happy about good scores super sf4 is getting though :)

bigcheda3114d ago

yakuza 3 is much better than a 6.5...behind GOW3 its my fav game this year so far...

Philaroni3114d ago

FYI so you know GI is and advert run Mag, Review scores 90% of the time are a reflection of how much $$$ the company puts in to advertising in the Mag itself. It is the same way for many sites, games that get high scores most of the time have adds for that game all over the place. Not saying the reviews are not good in them self just the score they give and what they say in the review don't match up very well at times.

BYE3114d ago

Good to see Super Street Fighter 4 is doing well, can't wait to kick some ass with Cody.

Boody-Bandit3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I ordered a new Mad Catz Super TE stick for both the 360 n PS3 and I have both versions on preorder through Best Buy. I cant wait to face off against the new characters on hardest difficulty. Not much for online. Too many people drop when they are losing. It's frustrating.

I usually just play player matches against a few friends online.

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