GT Countdown: Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2007

GameTrailer's list of the hottest games they want to see at this year's E3.

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MoonDust5030d ago


MK_Red5030d ago

True but I kinda like them. Cant wait, tomorrow is (Tonight where I live!) is gonna be an E3 for ages. Tonight history will be made, good or bad but something really big.
I hope for the best and seriously cant wait.

the_round_peg5030d ago

I bet Killzone 2 is number-one, or at least among the top three.

The number-one must be a PS3 game.

And there are more PS3 games than 360 games.

I feel Halo 3, Bioshock and/or Mass Effect are not even on the list.

pwnsause5030d ago

well, it comes down to this, will killzone live up to its hype tomorrow???, i hope so, the thing is we wont be able to see it till wednesday, while 150 selected people are tomorrow.

St3v3nS5030d ago

anyone know how to stop these people from cheat on these dam EA servers?

FCOLitsjustagame5030d ago (Edited 5030d ago )

You know after seeing the COD4 and Assassins Creed footage neither Halo nor Killzone look as good to me. I definitly now think the graphics in the Killzone trailer could be done, in fact I think they may be able to be done better then that CG now.

hazeblaze5030d ago

Yea, I kind of feel the same.. AC will be a great game but I'm not sure we've really seen any footage outside of the cgi so far. IF those have been in-game vids, then yea... it's going to be awesome. But COD4 is the one that looks particular impressive so far... Don't think the gfx for KZ2 can be much better but I do expect the artistic design to be better just b/c of the setting of the game.

ALIEN5030d ago

Can't wait till 2tomorrow. I hope KZ2 live up to the hype. CAN'T WAIT!

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The story is too old to be commented.