Dear Activision, You Are The Devil

Ever since Activision launched Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007, Activision has been digging itself a hole ever since. With the horrible lag that was found in just about every multiplayer match of Call of Duty 4 to the milking of the Call of Duty franchise to death and beyond. Activision has been a disgrace to gaming industry.

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Forbidden_Darkness4806d ago

LOL, yeah. Read the whole blog and theres another awesome picture.

dangert124806d ago

if this is yourz props a great read and all true

Forbidden_Darkness4806d ago

@Dangert12: Yes it is mine. Thanks, glad you enjoyed reading it. I'll be posting anothing one soon about the console wars, stay tuned.

WildArmed4806d ago

So.. is this our activision hating#32 article now?

xXRight3yeXx4806d ago

F Activision. I hate MW2 now. Played it for about 340 hours before stopping and now i can't continue because if i do, i feel disgusted.

Anon73494806d ago

Except when you said "That’s why you should stop supporting Activision and support publishers like Codemasters, Ubisoft, Atlus, EA, Sega and more."

Ubisoft, EA and Sega are almost or just as poisonous to the industry as Activision is.

Sega with their Bayonetta port, Cutting Content from Yakuza 3 and various other stunts.

EA with their rehash after rehash, and their DLC bullcrap. Although EA is quickly redeeming themselves be supporting new IPs and new developers.

Ubisoft with their DLC bullcrap, their PC stunts, and a few other shady tactics.

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-Alpha4806d ago

I take all your money
I don't like to make new IPs
I screw developers
I overcharge our products
I like to turn our developers against their fans
Most of our top franchises are recycled
EA was our teacher. We have dethroned them since.


DaTruth4806d ago

The student surpasses the master!

gtamike1234806d ago

so true but it's easy don't but their games really I don't :)

Forbidden_Darkness4806d ago

I hope you liked reading my blog :)

More to come soon

DaTruth4806d ago (Edited 4806d ago )

Bobby, where are my Tenchu PSOne classics and my next gen Tenchu(not Tenchu Z)

If you don't want it anymore, please sell the IP!

TheDeadMetalhead4805d ago

They also need to sell Vigilante 8. That XBLA remake was a disgrace.

AliTheBrit194806d ago

I never thought I would be one of those guys

But I will never give Activision my money again.

If they publish a game that I really do want, I will buy it second hand off eBay.

F*ck them.

tdogchristy904806d ago

I could not agree more. I love call of duty for the story aspect but activision is done it in, I will never buy anything from them again. If I do pick up MW3 it will be to keep the story intact and will be a second hand buy so they don't get my money.

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