Price is Right, Press Your Luck coming to PS3

Ludia Inc. is bringing The Price is Right 2010, Family Feud and Press Your Luck game-show video games to PlayStation 3.

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Gandalf3115d ago

Cool, I hope Bob Barker's in it.

gaffyh3115d ago

I dont think bob barker is in the wii version

gaffyh3115d ago

I know this will bring in a few casual gamers, but I'd rather not have the PS3 getting a load of shovelware like the Wii has been getting :(.

sloth33953115d ago

i wouldn't call the price is right or press you luck shovelware

gaffyh3115d ago

I watched giantbombs quick look of it, and it lookef terrible, which is why I said shovelware.