Things Are About To Really Heat Up Between Sony and Microsoft

PSInsider Writes: Better games, more exclusives, cheaper systems, new hardware, new and/or cheaper features... Things are about to really heat up in the console war. PS3 Slim has steadily outsold Xbox 360 week for week worldwide since it's launch, and the 2nd place spot is being threatened now for Microsoft. This will result in an all out war between the two as one tries to dethrone the other and the other tries to stand their ground. Even though second and third place are just numbers, those numbers can do a lot for public perception.

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Blaze9293210d ago

Lmfao at that picture used. Clever haha

fr0sty3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

definitely not, as the article states, all consoles have reached the point of viability and neither is in any real danger. however, public perception is affected somewhat. you'd be surprised how many average folks get advice from fanboys about their next console purchase. like the guy in gamestop who tried to tell me I was "just wasting my money" when I bought a PS3. Or the kids you'll see trash talking whatever system in best buy or wal mart. you'd be surprised how many actually listen.

Edit: was meant to be a reply to post 2.

RadientFlux3210d ago

good point, I've never had a fanboy trying to influence my purchasing decision but I can definitly see that happening.

DaTruth3210d ago

My friend's little brother was set on buying a 360. I gave him my opinion that PS3 was the better console but stated that the most important thing is getting what your friends have. Why play online with nobodies and have no game trading/borrowing ability. But he always had the intention of buying both.(one now, one later)

All of my friends have PS3s, but I am the only hardcore gamer and they never buy the same games/amount of games as me, so this doesn't factor much in my decision!

blitz06233210d ago

I thought it was already hot

duplissi3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )


yeah thats how it is with me unfortunately... my best friend bought a ps3 at launch but now doesnt care so much for games anymore, and most of my other friends have drifted apart or only play the most mainstream titles ie: halo or cod so im out of luck there too. i miss the old days of spending hours every day with a close bunch of friends on line just having fun playing, finding glitches, or just being random.
but thats probably why i gravitate towards single player experiences now.

BTW the article picture is pretty funny.

sikbeta3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

"Things [Are About] To Really Heat Up Between Sony and Microsoft"

Competition? that's happening since the Beginning, now you realise?

Syronicus3209d ago

Every PS3 owner knows that Sony will dominate this gen. By the end of this gen, Sony will have outsold both the Wii and the 360. It's how Sony works. They take their time and slow burn. They do not rush out of the gate, they simply sneak up on the competition and then destroy them. Plain and simple.

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JsonHenry3209d ago

I hope it heats up, the more competition the better for us gamers!

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RadientFlux3210d ago

I disagree the general public doesn't care which console is in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Only fanboys care.

The general public only cares that a console can play games they want and since all three consoles have sold at least 30 million units. There is no way that developers will abandon a console.

ReBurn3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Now, now, now. Don't go making sense. It will get in the way of the impending fanboy battle we're about to witness.

By the way...bubbles!

Raypture3210d ago

I agree, I bought my 360 and don't have a PS3 yet since the 360 had far more exclusives at the time I bought it, and many games were multi-plat, I plan to get a PS3 in the future, as it's getting a lot of great exclusives now as well.

And I need a blu-ray player.

commodore643209d ago

Absolutely agree.

According to the PS3 fanboys, the ps3 has been 'winning' since 2006.
According to the 360 fanboys, the ps3 is still in third place, after four years on the market.
According to the Wii fanboys, ... uh .. there are no Wii fanboys.

Funnily enough, the loudest and ugliest fanboys on n4g seem to write the most blogs and articles excusing the performance of their ego invested console choice.

It's all a bit sad.

I own both (ps3 and 360) but spend most of my time on the 360, while the ps3 gathers dust, except for watching movies. Maybe gow3 will change that.

dc13209d ago

Still (with respect to your PS3 collecting dust comment)it's wanting...
you're missing out on some of the most engrossing and innovative games of our generation.

However, big props for your handle.. commodore64 - you got to love it. I played my first Rambo game on that thing (the C64 took 2 minutes to build Sylvester Stallons face on the screen.. ... it was cutting edge tech...)

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ProA0073210d ago

this year's closure will surely be interesting

fr0sty3210d ago

I love sitting back and watching them throw punches and talk trash. In the end, it trickles down to me as more features, better games, cheaper systems/features... it's a win/win for us on the receiving end of it.

TheWretched3210d ago


and watching the fanboys cry out is fun too (on both sides, that is). I rather play games than complain about some bullshit^^

Coded-Dude3210d ago

indeed. the playstation is starting to show its legs while the xbox is starting to show its age.

flash2403210d ago

Are you retarded ? the 360 is one year older than the ps3, thats like saying a 55 year old is showing his age but the 54 year old is looking younger. Its one FLIPPING year , who cares :-)

hikayu173209d ago

most consoles dont live for very long . typically about 7-8 years is about when they retire ( that's when next-gen comes out ) . 1 year even though isnt a lot in human years is actually ... a lot . that's like a .. 20 years dude and a 30 years old man ( as human live an average of 80 years old nowaday ... i remember , could be wrong tho )

but it is also that the ps3's architecture is rather compex , which was the reason of the trail/lag behind the 360 in multiplat for the first few years . devs are starting to get more comfortable making game for ps3 , thus showing its true strength while the 360 is maxed out too early .