HookedGamers preview: Clash of the Titans

HookedGamers writes: "It is tough to walk on stage following a masterful act, a display of talent so epic and awe-inspiring that anything before it will be deemed second-rate. Sometimes competitors are wise to simply slink away and other times it's best for them to grin and bear it, hoping to merit just a portion of the attention given to the previous act. The folks at Game Republic will be doing the latter this year with their game version of the Clash of the Titans remake, hopefully silencing any skepticism given to them by the fans of God of War III, the ash-covered, blood-soaked elephant in the room. Both are sword-and-sandal epics, challenging you to slay mythological beasts from ancient Greece using godly weapons and your own brute strength. The difference is God of War has virtually cornered the market on that type of fast action and Clash of the Titans must somehow find a way to snag a piece of it. This, obviously, will not be easy, but the Tokyo developer is prepping themselves for the spotlight anyway."

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