Top 5 E3 2010 Predictions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

If you are an avid gamer no doubt you are already thinking about what Microsoft and Sony will have to offer at E3 2010.

Here are our Top 5 predicted new announcements at E3 for Microsoft and Sony.

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Bigpappy3112d ago

There will be a lot more than 3 big announcements for both PS3 and 360. That is for sure. Natal will have its own day to show what they came up with, The next day is where M$ and show the slim (if there is one), and announce any coming soon games. Sony will show improvements on what they showed at GDC for move and some Hardcore games that might be modified to use the move (Heavy Rain and RE5). Sony will also shown at least 5 exclusives and some 3D gaming.

This is shaping up to be one the biggest E3 of all E3's. The stakes are very high here. It will be very interesting to see how things play out after this very big showing. Move, Natal and Wii will have a huge fight this holiday season. That alone is exciting and a lot of fanboys on both sides are trying to downplay this because it is so difficult to predict. With Cry Engine3 in EA's hands, it will be interesting to see how many of their games will move to that engine. Will KZ3 move the bar to the next level with a good frame rate to boot? What dark horse game will come out of no where to shock the world? These and many more questions to be answered. Hurry up June!

mal_tez923112d ago

I think Natal is the best hardware, but the Move seems to cater to core gamers, not just casual players.

The best motion controller will be the one that is presented with most good games; also, price will be a big factor.

JAMurida3112d ago

IMO, I think this E3 will be the best of them all so far... 2010 is certainly the year of gaming. So many big titles, along with games here and there, are coming out. I'm personally wanting to see what Sony's got going on the most, (mainly wanting to see what SOCOM 4, FFXIV, GT5, The Last Guardian and the rest of the exclusives are up to). With Microsoft, it will be interesting to see what they have been doing as well. And for Nintendo, I wouldn't count them out yet since anything can happen... (Zelda).

Sadly, all we can do is wait... and good things come to those who wait. ^^

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

"The motion control fight will be the main attraction"
Unfortunately, you're probably right.

"Xbox 360 3D Support"
Not unless they release a new SKU with 1.4 HDMI.

sikbeta3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

This can be The Perfect Playstation E3 Conference if The Guys at Sony show:

·KZ3, Trailer
·MotorStorm 3 + Updated Physics engine
·Twisted Metal PS3, Jaffe on Stage Announcing it
·Syphon Filter PS3, Trailer + info
·SOCOM4, new Trailer + Gameplay, info about SP
·Gran Turismo 5, New Trailer and Release Date
·FF Versus 13, at least a New trailer
·The Last Guardian, Gameplay
·Agent, Trailer
·DC Universe On-line, some Gameplay
·The Agency, Gameplay
·More about Minority Report with PS-Move
·3D Stuff...

inveni03112d ago

PS3 predictions without mentioning Agent, but GTA5, instead? FAIL

xabmol3112d ago

/E3 ownage

Team ICO > all (IMO, of course)

Cevapi883112d ago

I doubt numbers 2 & 3...Bungie's focus will only be Reach, there will probably be playable booths, if they were to bring in a new game it would only be overshadowed by the Halo name...MS and 3D, i doubt this due to the fact that MS has been working hard(hopefully) on i dont think that it would be a smart business decision since Sony has been working on this for could just imagine the flamebait articles and fanboyism going across the net about how one is better than the other.....(IM LOOKING AT YOU NATAL & MOVE)

vhero3111d ago

@HolyOrangeCows I agree about 3D I don't know why people keep bringing this up. 360 cannot process the new generation of 3D that is coming out on TV's only the older type or the type that requires expensive glasses. The 3D that will be on the PS3 will require a new TV sure but the glasses will be cheap (they give them away at cinemas) and most blurays will come 3D ready in the future. MS cannot add these movies for download on Live as it will probably double the size/price of the movie.

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unrealgamer583112d ago

microsoft will show 3rd party games and a random generic shooter ( halo LOL).

Sony will own with exclusives

GiantEnemyCrab3112d ago

Sony will have a Nintendo E3 05 type show showing how they have ripped off Ninty's innovation and now want to pretend they invented it.

MS will have an imaginary show where everyone is waving their arms in midair with nothing around them..

Nintendo will continue like usual laughing at Sony and their copy cat.

raztad3112d ago


While that may be true, I know Sony wont disappoint with their new games. Cant wait to see how the next gen of PS3 exclusives will look.

GiantEnemyCrab3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

raz: Of course both Sony and MS will be coming with games. My comment was joking at both MS and Sony jumping on the motion bandwagon. My response was more to this guy who is using the same old no games/360 only shooters material from the last 5 years.

No doubt though motion will be the main focus for both of them.

sikbeta3112d ago

Nah, at the Nintendo Conference, Reggie will announce that they will not release 3DS cuz the DS is still printing money and about wii, the entire N crew will show up to Count the Loads Money in front of the people...

vhero3111d ago

I agree Sony will actually show more than 2 real exclusives at least..

Sheikh Yerbouti3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Sometimes separate individuals stumble on the same discoveries or create the same inventions. Some Nobels are shared by scientists for this reason.

Of course these things don't exist in a vacuum, but even with that there's nothing to say Sony didn't put as much thought and innovation into Move as Nintendo obviously did for the Wii. The same is true with both Natal and the 360Camera. Even if they are copying, I'm glad they are doing it.

I think it means more developers would give more thought and expression to motion controls, especially for the core gamer, as it means a bigger market.

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WildArmed3112d ago

Not so sure if GTA 5 will appear. Even if it does, it has alot to prove if it wants to get my attention..

i can't believe GTA4 is the most critically accalimed game of this gen :(

mal_tez923112d ago

My total playtime was ~5hours before i got too bored to continue. It's a well made game with good production quality and a lot to do, none of the things to do are any fun though.

Brewski0073112d ago

GTA IV was a great game however for me it just didnt have as much "come back and play" and "fun" factors as san andreas did. I cleared the game then once I did I ended up trading it in shortly after.

This E3 however is going to be great , 2010 is already shaping up to be one of the best ( if not THE BEST ) years in this console generation.

Predictions are one thing, but theres going to be curveballs thrown by everyone :) so I cannot wait !!

Lord Vader3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Well, if you played the DLC, TBoGT was the best part of GTAIV. Unlike the N4G crowd, I enjoyed the game & still play it time to time.

I hope 360 does a nice deal with natal & a slim model for Christmas.

Sheikh Yerbouti3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

with Socom 4 demonstration using Move. I want to see more gameplay of Last Guardian and Agency.

I want to hear a month for DC Universe. I beginning to doubt I'll see this game.

The new games I want to hear announced: Resistance 3, Syphon Filter, Twisted Metal, and Infamous 2.

I want three to four core games that feature use of Move in some capacity. I know two will be Heavy Rain and Socom 4.


Halo and Fable, of course, but more information on Gears 3 is what I would want. I would like to see a non-casual Natal title...or least some feature of its use.

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NinjaSp33d3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

it's going to be awesome can't wait

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