Does A Game Need To Be Multiplatform To Define A Genre?

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "Some interesting comments came out of Castlevania producer David Cox's pie-hole this week. The dev spoke candidly to PSM3 magazine about Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2 and its baring on the industry. In that interview Cox dropped a bomb of a quote, declaring that Uncharted 2 couldn't set a genre benchmark because it was a single-platform release. It left me considering: what's this guy been smoking?"

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dangert123166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

cause how does it redefine the genre if it's not even avalible?
you could say uncharted redfines the genre as far as the ps3 goes
but the whole genre when you can't play it on any over format?

Cerberus21253166d ago

That has to be one of the dumbest things a person can say,anybody who even considers this idea is stupid.what is next,if a game is not on all platforms than its not a good game?.are you serious.

dangert123166d ago

im not stupid how does it redifine a genre if its not even avalible?

what is next,if a game is not on all platforms than its not a good game?

if you want to say that i guess it would be next

yes i am and you swayed a lil off topic did you even mention the topic?

Rock Bottom3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

On paper your comment might have been reasonable, but in reality... lets take a look at that:

genre defining games:

Super Mario: 2D plat formers (nes exclusive)
Metroid: 2D open world side-scroll-er (nes exclusive)
Zeld: open world action RPG (nes exclusive)
Tekken/Virtua Fighter: those games defined 3D fighting game, both were exclusive to one console at that time.
DMC: changed action games forever (PS2 exclusive)
MGS: stealth games (PS1 exclusive)
Half life: change fps (gained recognition before being ported to other systems 3 years after the release of the original)

Those are just some... Actually, to think about it, exclusive games have pushed the industry foreword much more so than multiplatform games.

As for availability, yes a game cannot be recognition if it's not available, but does that argument work this gin? With every console/hand held in the market having a user base bigger than 25 million?

Do you consider a game on a console with that big user base "unavailable".

Shanmue/Soul Calibure/Jet Set Radio/Crazy Taxi, each of those games revolutionized what ever genre it belonged to, and all of them were exclusive to the Dreamcast, a console with a user base barley exceeding 10 million. So how does availability work here?

mastiffchild3166d ago

Nah, it doesn't make any difference what platforms it's on or isn't on. Redefining genres isn't to do with where it's available:both Gears1 AND Uncharted 2 could be argued to have done it for the same genre this generation at different times and I wouldn't argue with either case.

Gears made THAT cover system it's own t give bombastic TPS an adrenaline shot in the arm while Nate and ND managed to make everything super silky and up the ante on just about every single level. Are we to assume that even a game on PS3 AND 360 can't redefine the genre it's part of just because Wii owners didn't play it? Because PC gamers didn't play it? Be realistic-you redefine a genre with quality and that's possible even if you only release on the DS! Not likely, mind, but possible and while Uncharted didn't innovate that much it's sheer quality and attention to detail made it the important game it is today.

To me those are the two ways you define your genre and platforms don't even enter my thinking. If it's a game it's fair game.

dangert123166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

i hear you but wouldt the game that does all of that on all the systems be the one redefining it?

because thats when you really have 2 step up,imaigine gears 2 came out after uncharted 2,it would't make a difference i don't think the genre would off changed abit because it's only on one platform,but when its multiplat every1 has to step up thus making a change to the genre etc

and yes i do cause uncharted is unavalibe to 360 and wii owners alike

Simon_Brezhnev3166d ago

either way you lack common sense for believing that i guess Halo didnt make console shooters a lot better.

TheTwelve3166d ago

Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Tekken 3
Lara Croft
God of War
Uncharted 2
Resident Evil

and much more...

came out originally on 1 console.


bruddahmanmatt3166d ago

Gran Turismo redefined racing games as we know them yet it was only available on the PS1. FFVII redefined the RPG genre by being one of the first big name RPG franchises to go 3d and it was only available on the PS1. Grand Theft Auto III redefined the open world sandbox game genre when it debuted exclusively on the PS2 well before it made the jump to PC and the xbox.

Conversely, NFS Shift is multiplatform and couldn't even redefine the NFS series. FFXIII was multiplat and the only thing it could redefine was the definition of the term "linear". And GTAIV which was multiplat at launch succeeded in redefining the term "overrated".

Reibooi3166d ago

Simply put no.

If the game defines the genre it defines it. Simple as that. Just because everyone can't play the game doesn't mean it's not a defining game. This is only a issue now because of the "console war"

NO ONE debated that Half Life was a defining shooter back in the day and it was only on PC for a very long time. It doesn't change the fact that the game existed and it defined the genre.

mrv3213166d ago

By that logic the first FPS didn't redefine the industry because it's not out for consoles now.

So long as it's out there and reviewers are noticing the improvements overed other developers will notice and change or modify their current game.

The same way Halo redefined FPS despite the fact it wasn't on PC for a while.

ico923166d ago

that is without a doubt the most stupid question i have heard on this website.

Halo defined console FPS genre

Mario defined platforming genre

Gran Turismo defined Racing/Racing Sim genre

Zelda defined the action/rpg genre

solideagle13166d ago

what he meant by redefining?
no matter what platform....redefining means re define the genre thats it period. i mean are people non logical or do i think more? haha


Elimin83166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

It's funny how Halo redefines the fps genre but uncharted can't do the same. And don't give me that"but it's available on PC too" BS.

Tony P3166d ago

My superficial answer is no.

But it is interesting to note that most of the games people are listing aren't actually restricted to a single console.

firelogic3166d ago

So to you, Mario 64, Halo, Gears of War, DMC1, MGS1, are not genre defining games? Those are all exclusive titles.

Information Minister3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

@ dangert12:

I can't say I agree with you... In fact, I completely disagree. A great game becomes great for it's own merits regardless of the number of platforms it was released on. You can't say "this game would be awesome if it was on my platform of choice, but since it's not it's just average". That's the kind of thing only a fanboy would say.

Or are you trying to say that what makes a game "genre defining" is the number of systems it was released for and not the quality of the game itself? Because if you are... Those Harry Potter games sure defined their genre./s

DigitalAnalog3166d ago

Here is some words of wisdom I'd like to share with you.

"One that does not exist, CANNOT define".

Uncharted 2 existed. GOTY.

- End statement

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Pedobear Rocks3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

of note that has been released always shows some kind of compromise. So, if your game is compromised how can you hold yourself up as the defining game of a genre?

Developers/producers should shut the f up and push the pixels they are paid too push. The fact that they even speak about Uncharted means it defines 'something' for them.


mastiffchild3166d ago

While parity is the man goal of all multis that's likely to remain the case. Maybe Crytek will be as good as their word and push both systems harder than anyone else but it would need them to break the multiplat mould for it to happen. Who knows but the quality is easier for single platform games to make the demanding choices and redefine their genres, imo, much easier-which is why, in the TPS genre, you could only say that Gears1 and/or U2 hasd done it this generation. Maybe, as it's the best game this gen fopr me, I might say MGS4 did similar but as a lot of people still hold SE as the best MGS who could really say? But again-exclusive game anyway.

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