Lionhead's Secret Project "Incredibly ambitious and innovative" says Livingstone

The Lost Gamer writes:

Having paid a trip to Lionhead Studios yesterday, it would seem that their secret Xbox 360 project has left an incredibly positive impression on acclaimed author and designer Ian Livingstone, President for Eidos.

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solidworm3114d ago

its Molyneux the king of overhype and promises of a gaming revolution that never comes to pass............

dangert123114d ago

ain't solidworm a ps3 fanboy in another xbox artical?

Xi3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

these comments are of Ian Livingstone, president for Eidos, not peter molenyeux.

dangert123114d ago

has do 2 with peter even if it is not him it's his fault ;) lol

Seedhouse3114d ago

This is Livingstone's views on Molyneux's project though, if he's impressed by it then it's certainly worth keeping an eye on =]

lowcarb3114d ago

The haters will say anything out of scared jealousy towards Peter and 360. I seriously wish Lionhead would bring out BC to XBLA! They seem to be really working hard at giving MS there moneys worth. Hopefully we can see some goodness come this E3.

aviator1893113d ago

another guy makes a comment based on molyneux's game and you already blast molyneux. If you're going to come in here and criticize the guy no matter what, then why even look at the article let alone comment on it?

Eamon3113d ago

Shows how Solidworm didn't even read the article. Someone report this kid

3113d ago
HolyOrangeCows3113d ago

They're always "ambitious"
But they never live up to how they're talked on about. They promise an ocean, we get a pond.

IdleLeeSiuLung3113d ago

has do 2 with peter even if it is not him it's his fault ;) lol "

LOL, that's pretty funny.

Ian Livingston is the president of Eidos, so hearing him be excited makes me excited. I'm hoping Peter comes up with something really good.

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ExgamerLegends23114d ago

for this news that is totally related to PS3 and not 360 at all. /s

tudors3114d ago

Wow your a sharp bunny aren't you, blame Peter Molyneux for a comment made by someone else.

SixZeroFour3113d ago

pretty sure he saw the title lionhead, and immidiately went to click to comment, doubt he even read the article, or even read the whole title...i think he stopped reading before "says livingstone"

Lionhead3114d ago

Who doesn't say this stuff nowadays? lol

I'll believe it when I see it

xaviertooth3113d ago

ambitious and innovative put in the same sentence with xbox360 = fail.

lets just be realistic here i hope i don't offend 360 owners.

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The story is too old to be commented.