In Game Crysis 2 Screens vs In Game Killzone 2 Screens

Crytek has said Crysis 2 will hit the graphical ceiling on PS3, meaning it will look better than any PS3 game to date. Is that so? Well we have the first real in game screens of the game, so we figured why not compare them to a PS3 game that came out over a year ago and is in the same genre.

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hardcore19123116d ago

still look impressive. One of the most visually impressive games this gen.

Icyhot3116d ago

The ingame gun model of KZ2 is ridiculously detailed. This just reminds me of how good looking KZ2 really is even after 1 year, there are hardly few competitors that can look with KZ2 eye to eye on consoles. But I won't judge soon... These maybe pre-alpha builds who knows.. Even if Crysis 2 takes the crown on consoles, KZ3 is just round the corner to steal it back :)

FishCake9T43116d ago

K2 still looks very good but nothing will touch Crysis 2 on PC. Fact.

avengers19783116d ago

I'm still impressed that every FPS that comes out is trying to be better than KZ2, that KZ2 is still one of the best looking shooters out there and by the time Crysis 2 comes out KZ 2 will be 1year and about 7 mos. old mayb older.
Just wait till KillZone 3

WhittO3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Really this screen:
..looks AWFUL!! it looks like a PS2 game.

Look at these MULTIPLAYER screens:

Maybe some SP Screens haha:

Baka-akaB3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

why is there always someone coming on "bla bla bla better on pc" .
Stop being such captain obvious and so insecure guys , we get it we know it already .

It would be both silly and pathetic , given their hardware scalable architecture , if pc games couldnt look better .
It's like being so proud Real madrid would usually beat a mid classement premiere leauge team . Duh ...

Geez i cant wait to see a Ferrari vs mercedes comparison , with the same mindset

ChozenWoan3116d ago

and the Crysis 2 PC shots vs KZ2 shots just proves how great KZ2 is... so keep Reaching.

Shaman3116d ago

This is a shame!WHO is approving those articles????THIS ARE NOT CRYSIS 2 SHOOTS!!!

ITS capture taken from low compressed off screen video!Cmon this just hit the new low.It would be unfair to compare retail game vs still in dev for a year game,but its even more unfair to compare them while one is captured from gt low quality GDC Demo Video that isnt even Crysis 2 but rather their engine.What a stupid site...Shoots are taken from this video...

Wow cant believe stupidity...

happy_gilmore3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

yeah, but not enough difference to justify that you spend $600 back in 2006 to buy the best video card. then after 2 years, in 2008, you spent another $500 to xfire/sli it. now you need to buy another $500 video card that's directx 11 compatible.

i know you, pc nerds, save a lot of money by not dating women and living in your mom's basement. but come...

i spent $500 on my ps3. and has been playing it for about 5.

Chris_TC3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

So this is the famed Killzone 2? It looks marginally better than those Crysis 2 screenshots, but the texture resolution is awful in Killzone as well.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the image below and see what high-detail geometry and high-resolution textures can do to a game:

bjornbear3115d ago

I agree and I always laugh

i think PC elitists and Crysis fans just come to these article to say "IT WILL BE UNMATCHED ON PC" and then they pat their PC with a big smile *ego boost*


we, as console owners (not hardcore PC only gamers) know that PC versions are superior, and


get over yourselves and your towers

Immortal3213115d ago

Thats prolly how the 360fans feel about the ps3 graphics.

Baka-akaB3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )


Circa December 2009 , we had a friends and family gathering . Most of the young folks quickly jumped on consoles and multiplayer games .

One course there had to be a prick cousin who couldnt shut up about his feelings , that the games were ugly compared to his magnicient pc with dual sli , and 3 or 4 resolution above consoles for gaming .

No one cared , and felt rather annoyed by his obsession , yet we said nothing . Till finally my 9 years old niece said "who cares , you can't even play tekken , street fighter 4 (crap on pc anyway with cheaters and glitchers) or mario kart ... go back to playing cod4 alone with strangers!" (well most of us and his entourage played it instead on consoles) .

A smile crossed our faces , and he wept in silence (well not really but you get the point) .

But of course as a being consumed by wasteful and vain pride , he had to come back 10 min later with a "bah i can play those game on emu with higher resolutions and for free!" .

As if flaunting a great yet illegal feature , to be able to play a console game 1 to 4 years later , was a sign of superiority .
And the real truth is , unlike open-minded people who wouldnt be hating consoles anyway , such a vain person wouldnt caught dead with an emulator .
Such a graphic and hardware whore wouldnt bother with games that are even outdated for consoles ...

Yeah yeah you'd see a lot of folks pretending they play a 1997 ps1 game with superior resolution (and sometimes new graphicals and audio glitches ) , but how many of them actually go through with it , and arent just using it as flamebait and pc superiority flaunting arguments ?
Many truly enjoy it , myself included , but many are just posers .

young juice3115d ago

nope, these were taken on-screen.

there are no letters, no truck in the video you linked... you might wanna review your own evidence before trying to own someone.

heroicjanitor3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Because those screens really look bad
Killzone 2:
Crysis 2:

I was wondering what the problem was because that screen really looks awful everyone should ignore this article.

edit @ young juice: Those screens could well be from the video he posted 0:53 and 1:16 look similar to the photos. Anyway d

Shaman3115d ago

Yes its from this video,they just cropped so there is no text(procedural destruction).
I dont see whats the fuss?Do people really believe that Crytek would hype it so much with these kind of results?ALL the impressions were one sided-most impressive game to date.Now im not saying that later ps3 exclusives wont look better,but what is wrong if Crysis 2 would become the best looking console game?Its on both system,by hate on this site one would think its 360 exclusive made by Greenberg(whats his name?).

Seriously,Crytek is first company that has multiplatform engine that scales and copies itself at console in real time,NO PORTS.That means they will take every platform to limits,i believe them.Plus...this is the most advanced engine on planet earth,made by one if not most talented developers in world,you should give credit where credit is duo.Here,this is Cryengine 2 in comparision with REAL LIFE advert of Sony bravia.You cant tell the difference?Now imagine what CE3 can do.

2Spock3115d ago

My god, doesn't people have anything better to do............

Cevapi883115d ago

Yet another comparison to KZ2...i know KZ2 is an amazing graphical feat....but comparing it to 2010 games that have not been released? about we wait until E3...if sony reveals KZ3...then the comparisons can start

hellboy18803115d ago

Its people like you that give PS3 gamers a bad name.

PC gamers are nerds eh? Well then, just you're an idiot.

incogneato3115d ago

kz2 is way better, crysis is garbage.

Anon73493115d ago

Crysis 1 looks better than KZ2.

Killzone 2 has crap for textures and it's sub-HD, like all console games.

Sure, Killzone 2 is a great game, but it's not even the best looking console game anymore. So just leave it be. There's no need to compare killzone 2 to a tech demo before the pre-alpha.

Killzone 3 isn't going upgrade the graphics a tonne, anyways... it's going to be about improving the existing gameplay formula, making the first good 3D game, and using the PS Move.

Tachyon_Nova3115d ago

I can't believe how man people complain about the lack of art style in Crysis/ Crysis 2. Hello! Killzone 2!

What's that you say? It's dark and gritty. Well if that is an art style, then how is the bright and crisp look that they go for in Crysis games not an art style?

sid4gamerfreak3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Crysis 2, will hit the benchmark of graphics which something console gamers will never experience unless they have a gaming rig...

dRanzer3115d ago

What the hell you say? K2 Sub-HD? all consoles games are Sub-HD? U2? GoW3?

Something is wrong with you,i mean,all the PS3 games run at 720P and more,and this is sub-HD ?

GOD -.-

kewlkat0073115d ago

How old are you peeps on here.....

maxbyte3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

As said before - we get it, you with your hardware that costs 3 or 4 times what our consoles cost will have the best quality. There! Have a drink on us. Cheers!
And while you are drinking that stale beer go over this:

Crysis 2 will not have any features that are not possible on consoles. That's official. Whatever PS3/XB360 were not capable of pulling off will be removed from the PC version as well. In other words, the PC version will be dumbed down. IT will still look the best, but far from the full potential it would have been capable of if it was a PC exclusive.

I am not happy for it. For me, as a gamer, it will be sad to see one hardware platform made (artificially) incapable of reaching its top performance.

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Hahah I KNEW these were going to come out today!

Icyhot3116d ago

Haha.. And I was 1 step further. I knew it was coming out today and it would either come from Gamesthirst or Gamingbolt.

Looks like Gamesthirst are the first ones jumping in for the hits.

nemey3116d ago

Killzone2 still Superior..

Pedobear Rocks3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

that we play games in motion...comparing stills doesn't really mean much.


mastiffchild3116d ago

Pedo-we don't learn anything. Look at the comment pages for sites like DF or LoT when they do a comparison and find a "winning version" based on the findings, not of the human eye, but of FPS and screen tear detecting programs-do they show people bothered much about what their own eyes can even see?

Seriously, when we get all het up about multi plats meant to seem identical(or near to)and over things we often can't see EVEN if we paused both versions side by side just why would you think anyone would mind comparing stills? you're right but it doesn't mean people will take notice.

mjolliffe3116d ago

Can't really tell yet, the shots of Crysis 2 are from a recent port, NOT the final product...

tdrules3116d ago

comparing (pre)alpha screens to a final product.
fail article is fail.

Icyhot3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

It isn't even pre-alpha, it's from a tech demo.

People just pull the trigger way too fast here. And Gamesthirst is just luring in more hits with this crap. They know it's a PS3 heavy site and just post stuff that piss fanboys here. Come on, this is like their 3rd or 4th article over here about the same damn thing with different title.

And please give KZ2 a break people. It's 1 year old sheez. If KZ2 were a person, he would just show the middle finger and just leave the party. Every game that seems to come out seems to be compared with KZ2 and it's not even the best on the PS3 as of now...

KZ2 vs RE5
KZ2 vs ODST (lol)
KZ2 vs Reach
Kz2 vs Crysis 2
KZ2 vs Brink
KZ2 vs MW2
KZ2 vs Metro 2033
KZ2 vs Crysis 1.

Give the game a f'kin break.

raztad3116d ago


I'm pretty sure GG is happy of their achievements with KZ2, and the game be compared with anything coming later. KZ2 is the FPS graphic king it got to be compared.

BTW, I dont remember any KZ2 vs MW2 comparison. Not a single review I read, dared to do it, and still the shameless IGN score MW2 10/10 in graphics. Funny stuff.

sikbeta3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )


lol So Much Comparisons about KZ2 vs others, that shows How Amazing the Game Actually is, by the next Gen we'll see more of this KZ2 vs comparisons?

Redempteur3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

geez just when i was ready to sumit my new article

"KZ2 vs pokemon black : graphic comparison "

i'm pretty sure it would have been aproved at the speed of light

piroh3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

KZ2 vs Alan wake
KZ2 vs Gears
KZ2 vs Gears 2

and the next will be

KZ2 vs Gears 3

KZ2 is definition of graphics, until KZ3

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