Top Ten Wish List for the PlayStation 4

With the PlayStation 4 still years away from launch, the features it will or will not contain are free for us to speculate and fantasize about. Never one to shy away from fantasizing , gamers have drawn up a wish list of the ten features they'd like to see included with the PlayStation 4.

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Government Cheese3113d ago

I wonder if that website is about the PlayStation 4.

UNCyrus3113d ago

I stop reading once this 'journalist' said that the PS3 has only sold 3 million in Japan. What an idiot... If he is going to use that as a point in his debate, he should know that the PS3 has sold over FIVE million units in Japan...


Rainstorm813113d ago

The PS3 still has soo much life....... where's the Wii 2 wish list?

Tachyon_Nova3113d ago

Overall, not a bad list, but why would you put in number 6, as a joke, it's not even funny.

Anyway, I kind of agree with point 2, in that Sony really need to pump out some stellar games right from the get go with PS4, and same with PSP2 when they get round to that.

It obviously needs better tech, and I agree especially that it needs more RAM. The PS3 has 256MB of the stuff, that is simply pathetic. I had a computer in 1999 - before PS2 - which had more RAM than that. With that in mind, I'd also like to see a more powerful GFX card, probably a 1GB card would be enough. CPU doesnt need much improvments, as modern games are really that heavy on CPU unless they have a lot of Physics, which I guess if destruction takes off big time could be needed.

It'd also be great if they encouraged developers to use the keyboard and mouse inputs available to them. I don't care if they don't use these for regular FPS's and such, I have grown to quite capable with a Dualshock since giving up being a fulltime PC gamer. But RTS games just don't exist on consoles, which is a real shame, and a problem that doesn't need to exist if devs would just use the keyboard and mouse.

Cost wise, I really don't care so long as its about the same as PS3 was at launch, I'm not fussed.

BWS19823112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

you should be aware of the fact that the RAM, although paltry and insufficient, is not the deathblow to the PS3 that certain fanatics (not you, others) make it out to be. 256 is too low for much these days, but the naysayers and detractors don't understand that it is firstly 256 MB x 2 (just not unified like 360's) and secondly that the cell picks up a lot of the deficiencies that the low level of RAM creates. The SPE's are capable of assisting to make the processing of data more fluid and dynamic in the right hands (ie: Killzone and UC2). Put into these contexts, the RAM is not the same as 11 year old PC RAM.

Also, I doubt you had XDR RAM in 1999. :)

Yes, # 6 is ignorant, it sounds like they're trying to be humorous but are just coming off like a joke themselves.

Mo0eY3112d ago

This journalist is using the primary Drupal theme (aka. he just slapped this site together and threw on some content to make it more official). I wish I didn't have a life like this guy.

N4BmpS3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

1ST @tachyon II agree with you, Sony needs to push those high profile games out at launch. If Sony works closely and understands the tech that they're spending money on and spread that knowledge to other devs. But the PS3 provided a challenge for Devs that I found to be somewhat necessary.

I didn't like this article too much, I did agree however, that I want Sony to Push "Home" harder and do more with it, honestly I've always envisioned it as a farmville(I know I hate Farmvile too, hear me out) social community. Think about having an online virtual chatting room that doubles as an MMO-esque, sims, farmville hybrid thing; people would want to play that and chat about how they've progressed to others. Oh and it would be complete with arcade rooms online prize give a ways, I'd over do it.

6 was stupid come on I thought people grew out of this.

Keep the Dualshock, I want to see a Dualshock4 Sony.

ThanatosDMC3112d ago

Guess, he hasnt seen the games on PS3???

Hotel_Moscow3112d ago

wtf no if you want to do that N4 goto sodium
playstation home is just to meet up with youre friends and have a little chat play some mini games and what not

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kaveti66163113d ago

What the f*ck is number 6?


Here's my wishlist for PS4.

1. at least 4 gigs of RAM
2. 100GB to 200GB BD discs
3. More RPGs (the one thing I agree with on that stupid article)
4. Better controllers with triggers like the 360 controller.
5. Proprietary GPU designed by Sony and ATI. No more Nvidia, please. Nvidia has lost and their cards are more expensive but only marginally better than ATI cards.

xTruthx3113d ago

lol omg accidentally pressed the approve option xD

NateNater3113d ago

More Games!? Is he really complaining about the PS3s current library? Come on. Its not 2007 anymore.

Figboy3112d ago

but even in 2007, the PS3 had a pretty solid lineup:

Resistance: Fall of Man
Virtua Fighter 5
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Unreal Tournament 3
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

that's not a shabby year one lineup at all. considering that games like Resistance: Fall of Man, Warhawk, Motorstorm, Ratchet, and Uncharted are spoken of highly these days (even though they were downplayed to all hell in 2007), speaks volumes to me. the PS3's year one lineup isn't given the credit it deserves. when i look at the year one lineups of other consoles like the PS2, Xbox, and Xbox 360, i can't see what was so horrible about the PS3's year one lineup. hell, the 360 lineup wasn't worth much until Gears came out at the end of that first year. games like Lost Planet, King Kong, Kameo, Call of Duty 3 weren't really setting the gaming world on fire in 2005.

hindsight is 20/20. in either case, it's a moot point, the PS3 has one of the strongest gaming libraries this generation, and it's been steadily improving since 2007.

-Alpha3113d ago

Technical mumbo jumbo aside, I'd like:

1) Day one support for things like trophy, universal music, etc.
2) Butter smooth and lag free in-game XMB, and an obvious redesign for the new generation
3) Multi-disc holding capabilities. I'd like the PS4 to hold 3 discs at once. Good for when you want to play multiple games a day without having to get up
4) A totally feature-rich PSN service like XBL has now, except with more abilities like able to record footage in game and upload to Youtube
5) Home needs to be supported

And that's about all I can think of without getting into specs. This article is ridiculously early though, who knows the technology that will be available when this generation ends.

midgard2273113d ago

most of that was useless lol, and the ingaame youtube thing, just cause 2 for ps3 does that, universal music is blah i guess, not needed, 3 disc in one console? ummmm, yeah so if ps4 breaks u have 3 games stuck inside cuz u were to lazy lmao (no offense).

next ya people want the ps3 to be built into ur body so ya never have to move

seij5553113d ago

A multiple disk system would just add unnecessary cost to what will probably be an already expensive console. Maybe put multiple games on 1 blu-ray? Like Killzone 4 and Resistance 4 on one disc for 100 bucks.

KiRBY30003112d ago

1. no ridiculously high launch price point
2. the hardware needs to be more 3rd party developers-friendly
3. support exclusive games even more instead of bullsh!t like PS Home

well, the price will go down at some point. but 300$ for a 3 years old console is still a lot of money. i feel like it should be cheaper. but then when i see the prices of cellular phones or laptops these days... its crazy.

the recent acquisition of Media Molecule is a step in the right direction IMO. securing and supporting awesome studios is a win in my book.

PS3 still got a lot of years to shine tho... its a little premature to talk about a PS4 at this point.

Sony also needs to get their sh!t together with advertising. they got awesome games that doesnt get the recognition they deserve because of poor or inexistent advertising.

zeeshan3112d ago

Lol, I guess that 3 disk thing is a perfect solution or the next XBOX360. With gigs and gigs of data capacity available on BD, why would you need multiple disks? Plus every PS3 comes with a HDD, I don't see that changing either only, the HDD size will easily surpass 1tb or 2tb by then so you can easily store crapload of movies, photos, music on PS4 (though you can alread store a lot of stuff on PS3)

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frankymv3113d ago

fall 2010-wii 2
fall 2011-xbox 720
fall 2012-PS4

Gameplay9993112d ago

The economy has played a big role, and it has still not recovered. With the exception of Wii 2, the 360 still has a good three years left in it, and the PS3 probably 5 years. Sure, games are looking great now but with exception of the PS3 who may be topping out at Crysis 2, but then again we've heard that before with Killzone II, and Uncharted 2 and the PS3 just keeps on exceeding expectations so I highly doubt Crysis 2 will tap every bit of sap from the PS3's power. The 360, on the other hand, may tap out with Alan Wake.

Sure new hardware is always welcome yet I don't really feel like shelling out another 300-$600 for a new console ya know what I mean? I mean these consoles are keeping up very well still.
The term 'next-gen' is finally being phased out, thank god. Everything is current gen now and its a great gen.

NateNater3112d ago

You seriously believe Nintendo is going to come out with Wii 2 this year? I doubt it. That would just hinder current Wii sales and I don't think Nintendo is done with the first Wii yet.

DigitalHorror813112d ago

"Pretty sure we will see new consoles in the following order
fall 2010-wii 2
fall 2011-xbox 720
fall 2012-PS4 "

While I agree you will likely see those in that exact order, I argue with your dates. Add AT LEAST a year to those, possibly 2 years. Nintendo is still making great money off each Wii console. Besides, they need to have technology for an HD machine the next time they bring one out if they want MY business. I don't want something that's a Gamecube 1.5---you know what I mean?

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