How iPhone OS destroys Windows Phone 7 without even shipping

ArsTechnica: Apple is, of course, the company getting all the love; the iPhone has been phenomenally successful. Android has finally started getting the handsets it deserves and now shows itself to be a capable, attractive, desirable platform. Windows Mobile, however, is widely hated, and is frankly dying where it sits. Windows Phone 7 is a necessary abandonment of Microsoft's cell phone legacy, but it also means that the new platform has to start from scratch. No pre-existing users, little pre-existing software, and two major competitors who are delivering a strongly competitive alternative.

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Spinal3138d ago

What an Idiotic thing to say....

For one The Windows Phone 7 is possibly the best move Microsoft could have made in the Smart Phone market because it's fairly obvious that the Multimedia smartphone devices are the way forward and as Apple currently has too many restrictions such as flash/app store approvals..

The Smartphone users are dying for devices that use flash and sport as much hardware or more than the iPhone devices. An who better than Microsoft? who are a strong competitor in the gaming industry currently with the xbox 360. The windows Phone 7 integrates with Xbox live its a Total Win Win right about now.

Publicglutton3138d ago

Totally agree spinal, that piece of so called journalism is absolute tripe,Peter Bright is just an Apple fanboy on a mission.

Everything he said about Windows phone 7 was totally untrue, perhaps a job in politics is better suited.