CricketGaming: From The Classics #1 - Going Back to Brian Lara Cricket 96

CricketGaming's Feature: This week, we'll be going 14 years back where we'll take a look once again at Codemasters' Brian Lara Cricket 96 developed by Audiogenic. Brian Lara Cricket 96 was just an improvement over Brian Lara Cricket which was the first cricket game of Brian Lara series.

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Myze3116d ago

I guess everything has it's own audience, and everything dealing with anything probably has a website somewhere, but I still find it funny that there is a website limited to video games about cricket.

laid2rest3116d ago

i hope u realise cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, so thers no surprise bout this.

CricketGaming3115d ago

Well the truth is cricket is only understandable for those who have some brains. It's not like football or rugby lol!

Cricket is one of the most passionate sport in countries like Australia, England, India, South Africa, New Zealand etc. It's not popular is USA because people of USA can't even hold the bat properly.

Since cricket is popular thats why companies like EA Sports and Codemasters come forward with a cricket game. And a good example is Ashes Cricket 2009, which was a chart topper of 2009 for PC,360CPS3 and Wii.

Myze3115d ago

I never implied the sport wasn't popular, but that doesn't change the fact that it's strange for you to have a website limited to video games about cricket, instead of a website about cricket that also covers the video games.

Also, it's quite offensive that you would imply that cricket isn't popular in certain countries because it requires "brains." I've seen a couple of matches of cricket and was able to pick up the majority of the rules very quickly, just like about any other sport.

It's also quite ignorant of you to claim that people in the US can't hold a bat properly. You do realize that "bats" were not invented by cricket and have been around for thousands of years. The way they are held in cricket is for accuracy or precision, the way they are held in baseball is for power or control. That is, unless you were referring to people in the US don't know how to hold a cricket bat properly, which is a moot point, since there are very few people in this country that care about cricket in the first place. There is nothing wrong with this, because I'm sure most people in your country don't care about baseball, basketball, American football or hockey either.

I never was implying the sport was dumb, not popular, unimportant, etc., etc., but you got defensive because I made a valid argument. Are there even any websites based purely around video game soccer/football (a sport I'm sure you would agree is far more popular than any other)? I'm sure there is, and that would be fine as well, but still would be very limiting considering any video game site could cover the 6-7 that are released every year. Even then, like I said in my original post, everyone has their passions, and obviously it doesn't really affect me that you maintain the website, and with everything I've said, just know that I hope it's successful for you.

CricketGaming3115d ago

@Myze: There are many websites doing specifically for just a one game. One of the biggest example is, probably the biggest site dealing with football games only. Another site is Dealing with NBA games only. I can provide you more examples but i feel these are sufficient.

I didn't want to be offensive. I just want to say that cricket is a game which isn't so popular in USA side hence people are but confused about it.

And thanks for the wishes though :)