CSM: Build-a-Bear: Friendship Valley Wii Review

CSM writeSs "In Build-a-Bear: Friendship Valley, the player takes the part of one of the "furry friends" who reside in a dainty town full of stuffed animals. He or she will join neighbors in beautifying the neighborhood and preparing for a grand festival. The player will travel about town (and into the fields and forests beyond), running errands for friends in need. These tasks may entail planting flowers, delivering messages, finding lost items, baking desserts, playing a round of basketball, or any number of other activities. For each task performed, the player is rewarded with medals that can be spent in town to buy new clothes, new furnishings for a customizable house, or various other items for generally prettying-up the place. Several of the activities in the main game can also be played with up to four people as multiplayer mini-games."

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