Epic to Officially Reveal Gears of War 3 and Bulletstorm on Monday Night

The Monday night debut for each title has been revealed a little preemptively, but what kind of content they'll show in the announcement is still worth watching Jimmy Fallon for on Monday night. A teaser trailer will be great to see, though it likely won't be anything too revealing for either title.

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DevilsJoker3111d ago

Put a sarcastic comment here about being excited, but due to the anti-climatic nature of all this announcement stuff it wouldn't have even worked as sarcasm.

Such a shame, if they had got their original time slot I'm sure it would have been pretty awesome but it seems the gears were already in motion for the magazine etc to follow suit shortly afterward so it all fell on its arse.

kanetheking3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

pub by epic (i think) for pc 360 and ps3
made by people that fly.

Viper73111d ago

Painkiller meets unreal? Only managed to try out painkiller for few minutes but loved it. Gotta keep my eyes on this bullet storm.

xaviertooth3111d ago


finally, it's like china putting man in the moon.

i doubt it though, i'll wait till monday.

1PC2PS333603111d ago

tell me it's coming out on the xbox 720 like epic stated earlier this year...or are they just gonna milk out another low texture unreal 3 everyone sick of unreal 3's terrible engine yet??

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