3.0 Review: Dead or Alive: Paradise To get an idea of the best Dead or Alive: Paradise, all you have to do is watch this video . Breasts that bounce! Buttocks churning! Hair that wave! And c'mon I arch my back to climb a coconut tree! Oh two schoolgirls suçotent seem much an Eskimo sets. I mean the ice, eh, not those who live above.

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3112d ago
Pedobear Rocks3112d ago

review without the word 'fap' anywhere to be seen.


OhMyGandhi3112d ago

wow. This game has been getting crap reviews all over.
to be honest, I thought any game with DOA in the title and big boobs in the description be instant hyped success.

Now, that will teach Team Ninja/tecmo that this crap isn't wanted or even remotely necessary to the Dead or Alive franchise.
Unless of course, a small army of 13 year old boys buy this to play at the back of a school bus.

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