EB Games says Oblivion is coming to the PSP

EB Games has mysteriously listed The Elder Scrolls IV: Obilivion on their site under the PSP section with a March 2007 release date.

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Waffle-boy5407d ago

You can already play it on your mobile, you know...

Aflac5407d ago

sony doesn't deserve this game

Marriot VP5406d ago

probably a small error that's come to their attention. PSP is such a pain on your hands trying to move around and such. Jagged edges and ill-placed buttons.

CAPS LOCK5406d ago

what do u mean sony doesnt deserve the game huh? ur just upset because one of the best games on the 360 will come on the ps3 and u will be left woth froza 2 and GOW AND HALO 3.

but i dont think alot of people would buy it on the psp i wouldn't, but i would get on the ps3 or the pc.

omansteveo5406d ago

nobody mentioned the ps3 or the 360 this article is about the psp...which i agree i cant see many people playin oblivion on would be cool if they totally redo the thing in 2D though

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