Pre-Order Crysis 2 For $39.95 On PS3 & 360 $29.95 on PC

Ironstar: "Crysis 2 hasn't even released yet and its already being offered at a discount."


It appears the code has expired, the posting was up for a few days sorry If you couldn't use the promotion.

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madpuppy3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

there is no discount to be had.

the code appears to be invalid.

juniordee3116d ago

Guy is late, promotion ended on April 9.

A change in the wind3116d ago

No thanks. I have much better games to look forward to than Crysis. In fact, I wish Crysis 2 would have just stayed exclusive to PC that way I wouldn`t have to hear PC fanboys b*tching about it constantly.

PeptoBismol3116d ago

the only one b!tching here is you

sid4gamerfreak3115d ago

on the pc its even cheaper

Luckily i will not have to pay 60 dollars for a console game which does low res...

I Call 9MM3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

While I completely agree, 100% in fact, that going multi-platform probably has affected Crysis 2 in away that will negate its true potential on the PC, I wouldn't discredit them completely. I am quite positive that the PC version will feature better effects, and we should be treated to higher resolution textures and, hopefully, 3D models as well. This is Crytek we are talking about here, not Ubisoft. I hold them to a higher standard than other developers, all of their games have been great in their own right.

I doubt the levels will be as big or as detailed, which is sad. I'm a PC gamer first and foremost, but I think we may see some benefit as well. Going console forces them to really go multi-threaded with their engine, hopefully for the better. Crysis was and still is spectacular, but it's not the best case of optimization in the world.

I must admit, I miss the days when the PC version would come out first, and then they would try cramming it down for the consoles, not this porting crap we've been seeing with most games lately. Sigh....

champ213115d ago

Agreed man game price difference on PC vs console is huge. The deals on steam are just insane.

Pay more on the console then end up getting inferior quality.

I must have saved 1200-1400usd in the last 2 years alone buying games on steam vs had i bought them on a console.

Consoles are very expensive imo.

I Call 9MM3115d ago

True true, Steam just has the deals, especially around Christmas/Boxing Day. This year it was just insane, Stalker for 2 bucks! Wow. You don't see deals like that on the consoles except in the bargin bin. The amount you save is enough to pay for a decent few upgrades to put you a generation ahead of the consoles.

Except the other day, my buddy managed to get Supreme Commander on 360 for 5 bucks, brand new, from GameStop. Weird... Sometimes it's good the store clerks there are mostly dumb.

ps3ftwin3115d ago


While i agree games on Consoles are expensive, which is one of the reasons why i buy all my multiplats on PC. Just how many games have you bought to get to that number? Cause 1200-1400usd in 2 years is just mind blowing.

champ213115d ago

I now own about 80 games on steam. As you are aware the deals on steam are awesome. So sure many gamaes can be picked up during the holiday season.

However even not considering the holiday season, most games on steam preordered even 1 day in advance of launch date can be had for 15usd less.

Not only that if you have a group of friends then buying games at launch can cost about 33usd per game. Thats like saving almost 30usd compared to the console version for example my group of friends bought:

Left4dead 2, borderlands & bioshock 2 as a 4 player pack.

Just over 3 of these games each of us saved nearly 100usd(over console version), which is insane for getting games at launch. Infact we do this for almost any multiplayer game coming out these days.

Hence saving on games on PC can be drastic, ppl will realise this though it will take time. Most people get trapped by the initial 300usd price tag on consoles never researching the costs that come with it later.

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xaviertooth3115d ago

for 360 they should make it $5 because it was gimped fully.

champ213115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

How will microsoft collect their tax then if its only 5usd? Microsoft or Sony need atleast a 10usd tax per game (aka royalty).

BTW you should think before calling it gimped on the Taxbox 360 since the Taxstation version will be equal to it.

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