Splinter Cell: Conviction goes Socom style! *Spoilers*

GB writes: "As you may know, Splinter Cell: Conviction is just one week away from release.
Fans are filled with hype and can't wait any longer, though it appears that the stocks have already arrived in most stores as many are getting their hands on the game early. If you're one of those that would like to experience games spoiler-free, now would be a good time to stay away from Forums and other sites.."

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clarkjudo3140d ago

Wow!, a brief pause of a new environment and game play genre. Clever way to tie in a more convincing and deeper story line. :)

pythonselkan3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

The storyline is EPIC and everything is very well explained.
Having played the game myself, i can say that Conviction is truly another masterpiece in the series! :)

I'm the one who posted this on GamingBolt btw.. ;)

clarkjudo3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I have not played the full game yet. But I have seen enough game footage like this and other footage recently. Even though I have not seen the remaining pieces. It doesn't take long to put the puzzle together. When you can do that. You know your witnessing something special.

There are some that will not experience this. Because they are stuck playing a one time play through "movie" .... on their Blu Ray Player. ;)