GOS: Socom 4 Playstation Move Preview

Yesterday I attended the Seattle Playstation Move Event, and for a short time only they had Socom 4 available to the media. I was able to play it with the new Playstation Move Motion Controller. Are shooters worth using the Move with? You can judge for yourself after the preview of Zipper's fourth installment in the Socom franchise.

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Lex_Yayo_4073113d ago

I hope Socom will still be good with the addition of Move. We will all have to wait and see. Good write though.

Kratos Spartan3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

"My experience with playing Socom 4 and the Playstation Move has impressed me to the point where I will play all shooters using it from now on. It feels natural to aim with the motion controller because it’s almost like you are pointing an actual weapon. The Move is precise, and doesn’t take a lot of time to get use to it during gameplay. Socom fans have a lot to look forward to when Socom 4 drops this fall"

It seems Sony is taking Motion Control Dead Serious. More so than the other companies. E3 will be off the chains. Cannnot wait.

desean1011013112d ago

I was Originally skeptical at this but I am now a bit of a believer in the Hardware usage as a practical FPS tool.

Pillage053112d ago

"The demo was only in alpha, but graphically the game was very impressive. I would say that it sits in-between Uncharted and Uncharted 2." Really? wasn't expecting great graphics but I'll take 'em. I passed on Confrontation earlier this gen (cause the beta was crap) so hopefully Socom4 will make up for it.

I'm still skeptical about move and shooters, but I'm a sucker for rail shooters so count me in

arakouftaian3112d ago

you can always use the DS3 at any time or have fun with the MOVE if that what you enjoy the most.