Splinter Cell CE Cheapened by Defective USB drives

"Random sampling" of stealth-action game collector's edition found to contain non-functional bonus-content memory devices; Ubisoft lowers price of premium package to $70 as a result.

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chak_3117d ago

good job mods, hope not much people read that

RadientFlux3117d ago

problem is that the poster's nickname is also a spoiler.

HolyOrangeCows3117d ago

Blasted spoiler trolls. I've seen them spoil Heavy Rain, GOW3, this, FF13, even Alan Wake.

Solidus187-SCMilk3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

it sucks for people who have ps3 and 360 as now it seems that we will never play any kind of console exclusive without having people try and spoil it.

Just change this site to "news for lamers" as there seems to be VERY FEW gamers here ANYMORE.

You know there is something wrong with most the people here when they spend 95% of their time telling you what they hate instead of talking about the games they like.

HolyOrangeCows3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

True, it COULD be wrong, but the Heavy Rain and FF13 spoil trolls (Or perhaps TROLL...It could be one creep with some way of getting information) that I saw were right.

JoySticksFTW3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I actually thought the console war was funny with the different comments

I didn't even get bent out of shape when fanboys were ruining "rival" console game review scores on Metacritic and the like

But ruining game endings goes waaaay beyond too far.

This is the backlash from ruining Heavy Rain for PS3 fans. I wish people would have thought of the consequences before resorting to that crap. Now real fans of either / both consoles have to suffer seeing the endings to games posted everywhere :(



Ok, Green. You win. GeoW2 got spoiled first. Happy now? It still doesn't change that this situation sucks for everyone.

green3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I have been on N4G since 2007 and this s*it started on N4G way before Heavy Rain because 360 fans got Gears of Was 2 ending ruined for them as well. I remember a sony fanboy on this site was sending a pm to everybody that made a positive comment on Gears 2 reviews revealing the spoiler about Doms wife.

I stayed away from N4G during that period until i had finished the game. When i checked my PM, i had 3 messages from 3 different users with Gears2 related spoilers and one in particular that i reported to the mods even went as far as insult my family and using all kinds of words to describe me.

I dont condone acts like this from any person and i think it shows how sad a person is to try and spoil a game for another person. But i must say somethin, when Sony fanboys go out of their way to be jerks, they really sink to new lows. I will never forget the Too Human era on N4G whereby there were 15 articles in the failed article section with title like "Too Crap", "Too Sh*t", Too Gay and with article images off all types of animal feces.

EDIT @ Joystick FTW
"Ok, Green. You win. GeoW2 got spoiled first. Happy now? It still doesn't change that this situation sucks for everyone. "

Who is happy? Because you saying things like "This is the backlash from ruining Heavy Rain for PS3 fans." Seems to me that you are in a way justifying the action due to it being a retaliation to Heavy rain spoilers. So i am just pointing out to you that it did not start from there.

MazzingerZ3117d ago

I think console wars, graphics comparisions, sales figures and so on are still part of the show, at the end everyone of us logut the site and go back to their favourite console to play their favourite game

But by no means spoiling a game for others has something to do with's a sacred rule that every gamer respects, you can bash the other console or sales figures, but you'll never dare to spoil a game for others, it doesn't even cross the mind of a real gamer, even when he/she could be a little of a fanboy soemtimes.

I would take down this article as soon as possible or at least update the title with a "SPOILER ALERT"

JoySticksFTW3117d ago

That's where I thought it started

But if you're talking about justification, you should point the finger at yourself with your hurt feelings over Too Human and animal feces (?)

You look like you were still bursting with unbridled rage as you typed that out. Almost like you're glad it's happening

Dude, it sucks that you got Gears spoiled for you, but you act like you're now bearing a grudge against ALL PS3 fans

Please don't hide behind "Hey, joysticks. I was just trying to show you where it started." LOL

It's a crap situation. Move on

cereal_killa3117d ago

Green who gives a sh1t who started it some people say MGS4 was done before Gears but does it really matter this spoiler crap is getting out of hand and the MODs on here need to stop allowing people to make multiple accounts and spoiler accounts...... ALL accounts should be approved by MODS before they are allowed to comment or send pms that way idiots like the ones who ruined Gears, Resistance2, HR, FFXIII, GOW3, (and I bet it's all the same person just to start crap). everyone is just going to use the same excuse "they started it by doing this game" blah blah blah if the SC spoilers is true it sucks that someone really has to be so dam childish and it probably wont stop because we have young prepubescent fanboys that will continue to ruin games for the real gamers on here that play games for fun and not worry about how much it sold or whats going on at metajoke.

green3117d ago

seems you missed this part of my comment "
I dont condone acts like this from any person and i think it shows how sad a person is to try and spoil a game for another person."

HolyOrangeCows3117d ago

Oh please, stop playing the poor xbox-owning victim as usual. Spoilers didn't start with Heavy Rain and they didn't start with GeoW2. Bad mouthing a mediocre game didn't start with Too Human, either.

Prototype3117d ago

This is getting way out of hand, its to the point I may start going to another site for gaming news if this keeps up, the whole fanboy war needs to stop including spoilers, otherwise this will be a new way to prevent future sales.

GiantEnemyCrab3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Who cares who started it but what I'm seeing right now is some PS3 douchebag ruining this game.. Just like it happened with HR and Alan Wake and now with Splinter Cell.. The thing about the HR spoiler was it was a lie and wasn't even true at first, then someone came along with the real spoiler but it wasn't until the game was out. These SC spoilers are the real deal and the game is a couple days away still.

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