The Ugly Truth About Hackers

GameFlavor writes, "The hacker community claimed taking functionality away was a call to arms. They wanted to retaliate against the corporate bad guys like in 'The Matrix.' But what about those other game systems they've hacked? What did PSP, Wii, or the DS ever do to them? Remove any features? No. Nothing. Yet they are among the most heavily pirated systems right now.

So are these hackers really looking out for the best interests of the consumers? Maybe. But mostly not."

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swingingape3208d ago

Hackers are great. They improve more than they harm imo

captain-obvious3208d ago

yah by killing that gaming industry

Government Cheese3207d ago

Uhm, nothing, thats the thing. The homebrew community simply has added features that weren't present originally. Obviously pirating is bad, but I don't see anything wrong with simple hacking/homebrew as long as it isn't costing anyone any money

Rocket Sauce3207d ago

They made the PSP about a thousand times more interesting.

Raz3207d ago

What man has coded or locked, man will decode and unlock.
What man builds, man will destroy.

In other words, like 'em or not, hackers are the inevitable result of the innate human drive to screw with everything - just because we can. As long as there are people who put things together, there will be others who take them apart. As long as we make laws, people will break them.

There's no inherent good or bad in that. Some laws are unjust, and some creations (like the atomic bomb) cause harm; so breaking laws or taking apart/destroying a creation isn't necessarily bad. Neither are all hackers altruists; some are just a*holes who screw with other people for their own pleasure.

PinkUni3207d ago


if anything, hackers are pushing the industry twoards online gameplay and user created content and thats a good thing.

everyone pirates games? GOOD, make the game free and charge for things you can only get online.

everyone makes private servers? cant charge for online items? GOOD, make everything free make money off ads.

win win win so STFU

mgsfan3207d ago

do something useful like ......I don't know ehhhh mod for farcry 2 lol man that game still hasn't been modded beyond new maps.

Silver3603207d ago

hackers may break a system open, but who causes a loss of sales? Cheap lazy gamers. Those that feel they have a right to something they didn't pay for just because it costs $60. What a load of BS. If you can't afford it don't buy it, save your money for it. Stealing is wrong period. Then there are the ones that don't steal but want to hack their system and play online. They are wrong too. What gives them the right to ruin someone else's gaming experience? They go online with mods and get higher kill ratios or faster cars and what does it prove? That they are too lazy and mean spirited to extend some common courtesy to someone who just wants to be friendly and play a game. Hackers do what they do, but it is thieves and jerks that take what they do and make it a problem.

sikbeta3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )


lol, you really believe what you posted? Come on, you want FREE Games, Install Ubuntu and see The Library of Linux Games, Crap and more Crap, but hey, Those Games are FREE...

Seriously, people really Believe that Someone/Company will Invest Time & Money to make Great Games with Story + Graphics + Multiplayer for FREE, pffft, let alone Pushing the Bundaries...

Ads? Ads that can slow down your Whole Game or Ads that will be So Annoying and you'll want to quit the Game?

Devs Deserve The Money For the Games They Make, if someone can't pay for those
Games, his life is not affected by that because Gaming is a hobby not a necessity, but all of us know that Money is Not The Problem...


Also, charge for On-line stuff is not an Option for a Company that want to Make Money, for example, what IF 100 guys DD a Free Game and the Company charge for On-line "stuff", the 100 guys probably will not pay for the "on-line stuff" or only half of them, doesn't matter the Percentage for a Company IF it is not 100%

Alvadr3207d ago

To say that hackers act in the best interest of the consumer is a ridiculous comment.

First off, they are not just stealing profits from the corporate platform holder, they are stealing from the developers, some of them are small studios. What right does anyone have to steal from these people, behind every game is 100s of people, working jobs with families and financial commitments of their own.

Even hugh corporatations whos aim is growth and stability provide jobs and job security for 1000s of people... Is that wrong?? Is the hackers aim to put these people out on the street begging.

Games cost millions to make, and purchasing a game is not exactly breaking the bank at £35-£40 to someone with a job. And they drop down in price after a few months.

No one who plays pirate games can call themself a real gamer. Less money going back to developers = less money invested in future development projects.

This really fumes me up!!!

LoVeRSaMa3207d ago

'Hackers are great. They improve more than they harm imo'

Only true in some cases.

iPhone is only as good as it is now because of hackers creating apps, but things like the PSP have been damaged hard by hacks.

I doubt the Playstation 3 will be affected due to hackers though, homebrew would be nice and I dont see anyone downloading 50GB games anytime soon.

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swingingape3208d ago

Sony should do what Microsoft does and just ban pirates instead of punishing everybody.

ClownBelt3208d ago

It will probably go that way as well if hackers still find a way to hack the PS3.

tinman_licks3208d ago

Sony should have left Linux for the homebrew community

zag3207d ago

Well it was but this Geohot d**khead screwed it for everyone who owns a PS3.

And the firmware he release f**ks your PS3, if you apply it.

Kalowest3208d ago

I free games, thank you hackers.

clinker3208d ago

The thing is, that without hackers constantly pushing the boundaries on technology and hardware, we wouldn't have great games to begin with.

Biggest3207d ago

Hackers do not create. They destroy. That is why they are called hackers.

ElementX3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Hackers don't contribute to game development and the certainly don't push hardware boundaries. Your comment makes absolutely no sense.

Proxy3207d ago <- This is a hacker.

What were talking about here are crackers.

madpuppy3207d ago

the developers that make ALL the games you like are Hackers, they are the software creators that love what they do. without them there would be nothing software-wise that would be interesting or innovative.

Crackers are Black-hat programmers that "crack" program DRM in gaming machines and try to steal credit card information from secure networks as well as create viruses among other illegal activities.

Christopher3207d ago

Here's the problem that Hackers just don't seem to realize when they 'build' things: Everything they do is used by others to ill will. Oh, look, a firmware for the PSP that can run homebrew? Not anymore, now it can run pirated PSP games!

Hackers claim to just do this for advancement and to not promote piracy, but the honest truth is that they know that what they provide will lead directly to someone utilizing their methods for pirating and they do it anyway.

If you know the guy you're selling a gun to is going to rob a bank, do you just sit there and sell it to him or not?

Okay, not a perfect metaphor, bur relevant nonetheless.

IdleLeeSiuLung3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

It is kind of ironic how gamers will jump and attack the media for making violent video games the scapegoat for violent action in our society. Yet, when the tables are turned and hackers are portrayed as the reason why piracy exist, many gamers will jump on it and attack hackers just like the media.

Are hackers responsible for piracy?

Well, the answer is at best the hackers, are enablers. However, for piracy to exist it must have a distribution channel and people willing to pirate. So do we blame the people that distribute it or the people actually downloading illegal content?

It's the same as asking, do we blame the weapons manufacturer or the people pulling the trigger?

In both cases, I would say it is the latter. The tools are there, but don't blame the tools, blame the people choosing to pirate!

By the way, there seems to be a lot of misconception to what a hacker really is and that doesn't really help when the media incorrectly uses the term and stereotype them incorrectly.

Kushan3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

So it's the fault of the hacker for releasing a tool that CAN be used for Piracy, but has another purpose entirely?
Surely it's the fault of the person who uses the hacks/tools for nefarious purposes?

That's a bit like saying Ford are responsible for thousands of Deaths each year because they put a deadly weapon in the hands of Drunk Drivers, who then go on to crash into some unwitting pedestrian. Last I checked, when this happens, it's the driver that gets charged with manslaughter, not the car Manufacturer.

Christopher3207d ago

***So it's the fault of the hacker for releasing a tool that CAN be used for Piracy, but has another purpose entirely?

Surely it's the fault of the person who uses the hacks/tools for nefarious purposes?***

I'm not blaming hackers for creating piracy tools. I am saying that it's completely ignorant to think that they don't know what they're creating can and will most likely be used for piracy.

Yeah, it's the fault of the 'crackers' as you guys want to call them (a sub-classification of a hacker, in all honesty), but it's hackers in general who do it. Hackers say, hey, I'm just seeing potential here and I'm doing what I want with technology I have purchased. Why do it and make the method publicly available how to do it so that 'crackers' can abuse it? Why is there a need to lead every single electronic device out there towards the point where it's used illegally?

I think the whole concept that hackers have of hacking items to improve them is total BS, IMHO. It's that mentality that's forced companies to fight back in overkill type of methods and they will continue to do so as long as hackers feel the need to disassemble and rebuild everything for their own purposes rather than realizing perhaps they should build their own damn systems rather than modifying existing systems.

IdleLeeSiuLung3206d ago

There are plenty of hacking project that turned into great projects. An example is the Xbox Media Center and the custom firmware on Linux based routers such as Linksys WRT54GL.

I use the latter for my Wifi needs on the 360. Cost me $50 and it supports a heck of a lot more than most commercial routers that normally cost hundreds of dollars.

Part of the hacking scene is to share what they have found. It is the manufacturers responsibility to protect their business, not the public. I definitely have issues with piracy, but believe that hacking is a right and it the greater scheme of things is to the benefit of the public.

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zoonie3207d ago

There are a few pros to hacking but the cons far outweigh them. I still think Sony should have handled the removal of the Other OS feature more professionally.

Mr Logic3207d ago

I think they should have removed it without announcing it. That way more people would have updated without hesitation.

Biggest3207d ago

Sony could have just banned all of the OtherOS systems and forced people to buy new PS3s.

skip2mylou3207d ago

yeahhhh just like what ms is did and lose a bunch of customers

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