Unmoved By Playstation Move

Sam Machkovech from Publicola writes: I'm standing in a small crowd at Sole Repair Shop in Capitol Hill, and a Sony game designer hands me two wireless remotes with glowing, colored bulbs at each tip. He points me toward a boxing game, currently listing real-life gestures that I can do with these remotes to make my character fight dirty. Two hands swinging from left to right will make my guy swing elbows into my opponent's face. Two hands slamming downward will deliver a head butt.

Anticipating my next question, as I look at the Wii-like controllers, the Sony rep insists that I'll never see this kind of game on the Nintendo Wii.

I've come to the invite-only Sony event to play with this motion-sensitive gizmo, dubbed the PlayStation Move, because it won't be in stores until this fall. (I'm also here to talk to some designers at Redmond's Zipper Interactive, but more on them later.)

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cry from the sky3111d ago

he didnt say anything negative about the move

-Alpha3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Even if he did, that's fine. He is entitled to his opinion.

Maybe he'll change his mind when more hardcore games/devs utilize it properly. Right now Sony is demoing a lot of lame Wii HD games that are only there for the sake of demonstration.

He complains about lag. Mind you, Sony fanboys will criticize Natal's lag, but again, it's something I am not necessarily worried about for now. Maybe it'd have been wiser for Sony to work out lag before demoing Move to the media, but I'm not going to jump the "doom" wagon over it like fanboys tend to.

His ultimate complaint is that he's done all of this on the Wii. I think that's something Sony has to really evolve out of. That's why I trust devs to fully utilize precision motion.

I'm impressed with what Move does. It's all about the release date now. Personally I don't care for motion control, at least not until I see motion-exclusive games. Until then I'm fine with my controller.

Tiberium3111d ago

Looking from a casual gamer's perspective, it's hard to distinguish Move from wii-motion+. That won't help sales at all.

CellularDivision3111d ago

The Wii-motion Plus pretty much makes the Move worthless.
By the time Move comes out, Wii Motion Plus will have a larger install base.

Also, you might need 2 controllers for some games, thus costing more than a Wii itself.

Allow me to predict a future headline:

Sony announces PSP3D/w touchscreen
Sony: We have been working on this technology for many many years.

Slimshadyn3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Really? And why is that? Is Wii getting Socom 4, LBP, Eyepet? Not to mention I'm sure there will be more exclusives for Move. If the games are good people will buy. Don't get me wrong, Move hasn't proven anything yet but simply dismissing it because of Wii-Motion Plus is why you got your 2nd disagree.