Destructoid: Rush'N'Attack: Ex-Patriot Preview

Destructoid writes: "You know, it has been twenty years since the Soviet Union fell, and the cold war ended. In the meantime, something has been lost to the general populace. Without the disembodied "Red Scare" to keep us in check, America has lost an ultimate foreign centralized "evil" that we can blame all ills.

This hasn't stopped videogames from making games with a Russian set of bad guys. Modern Warfare 2 is a solid example of this. Even though this can feel a little...unrealistic (when have Russians really been an ultimate enemy in the last ten years?), it still provides game fodder. Thus, we see a joyful return of Rush'N'Attack: Ex-Patriot. Coming out this fall, I was presented with a boldly colored game that looks a lot like Shadow Complex or Bionic Commando: Rearmed. This makes sense, as Rush'N'Attack: Ex-Patriot is built off the Unreal Engine, so you can expect a lot of similarities."

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