APB Beta Starts Today

The game takes place in a modern-day, fictional city of San Paro where there is a constant battle between "Enforcers" and "Criminals", and the player will need to decide to which Faction they want to belong. The two sides battle out for control of the city, with territory within the city being contested continually 24 hours a day, so that players must concern themselves with both offensive and defensive moves.

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distorted_reality3204d ago

/fail, beta has been going on for a while now, the player base is just being enlarged with key give aways etc.

Having said that, can't wait for game time in just under 6 hours!

ProjectVulcan3204d ago

A while? Yeah i been in it nearly six months...

NegativeCreepWA3204d ago

To bad its only up for 4 hours today, glad im in both betas. US beta has longer play sessions then the EU beta.

distorted_reality3203d ago

The playtime for the EU beta will get extended bursts pretty soon imo. I'm not too fussed, i'm gaming from Oz so i'd have terrible ping difficulties if I tried doing any PvP missions, i'll be sticking to the customization stuff for now :) hour and a half to go :)

radyboy3203d ago

how frequent are the play sessions??

and i watched someone gameplay on youtube , it looked alot like GTA online .
has anyone got opinions on the game so far ?
is it like gta ?

NegativeCreepWA3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

its a lot of fun, its only four hours because its a stress test for the 25000+ people that just got added.

The EU beta separated into three groups of players based on when they were invited, theirs a playtest that last 3 days starting monday for the first group.

radyboy3203d ago

so what group am i in ???

distorted_reality3203d ago

You should look at the beta forums, gives you all you need to know.

NegativeCreepWA3203d ago

sharpshooters. theirs a link in the playtime section of the community site that explains it.

LKane3203d ago

I thought there was a non disclosure agreement about posting videos and screenshots online? Or does everyone just ignore that lol.

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BannedForNineYears3203d ago

I got into the beta a while ago...But my computer can't run it! :D Wooo.

radyboy3203d ago

but the lagg is so bad you cant drive straight in a car . i saw many people just smashing into things .

lagg is a major problem

wwm0nkey3203d ago

Ive been in the beta for awhile now and I love it! My favorite non gameplay related feature is the music, I love driving by cars and hearing some music (like wolfmother and ect) also when they go by mine they will hear my stuff (I was playing Rise against)

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