Splinter Cell Conviction got a great score from game informer

VGArabia: In the latest issue of game informer, the magazine reviewed the highly anticipated stealth action game Splinter Cell: Conviction and gave the game a very impressive score.

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movements3112d ago

That's a worthy score. My mind was already made up anyway : )


Kratos Spartan3112d ago

They are the most respectable Gaming Magazine currently out. Every issue is solid.

blitz06233112d ago

I think this fanboy wanted a 10

Spydiggity3112d ago

is one of those games where regardless of review scores, you probably already know if you are going to buy it or not There are about 10-15 franchises where that's the case, and splinter cell is definitely one of them.

jamesgtaiv3112d ago

Game informer is owned by Gamestop corp. It makes sense they would give it a high review. Im not saying its a bad game, Im just saying Game informer always gives anticipated games high scores so they can make floor sales. Wouldnt you if you owned gamestop?

IdleLeeSiuLung3112d ago

I guess, first Edge was biased, now Game Informer and finally IGN as well:

That is right

Edge 8/10
GI 9/10
IGN 9.3/10

It's looking like a great game!!!

ActionBastard3112d ago

I wonder why all this hate? There is a PS3 version, it will be released and most PS3 gamers will gobble it up. Don't hate simply because you don't have the equipment to play it. Hate it if it sucks and apparently, it doesn't.

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Redrum0593111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

ive always trusted gameinformer mags, if they give scc a 9, then i will no longer doubt scc.

gameinformer- 9
Redrum059- 9

actualy i take this comment back, i trust gameinformer still but scc is still pending for me.

Cevapi883111d ago

10+ hours for a single player campaign and i could understand and respect all the good scores....i remember everyone getting on GoW3 for being 8 hours long...yet game reviewers are finishing the SP in 5 hours...being in production for so long you would think that Ubi would put more into the story since it is very interesting and unique

Marquis_de_Sade3111d ago

Without bashing GoW3, it is SP only, Splinter Cell has a multiplayer component, so the shorter campaign length is almost excusable.

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LordMarius3112d ago

lol, it will probably be the last.

mrv3213112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Have you played the demo? I did and it was fun, I like the more less dependency of stealth... usually if you blow something by mistake in the first 10 seconds the whole mission is blown but with this the stealth is like and intelligent way not to die. It was real good... I played it through it twice .

Wrathman3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

holy must be good if you say it is.your one of the biggest ps3 fanboys on this site.ill take your review over any websites, anyday!

im shocked!

who wants to bet that the ps3 fanboys rush in here and say 'man,ill just get this for the pc' or 'it'll run sweet on my killer gaming rig usin a pirate copy'

so predictable

mrv3213112d ago

Read my comments, I openly admit to owning the 360 and enjoying Halo 3 having completely the singleplayer TWICE! I like the 360 as a console, the PS3 is my console of choice by far in a away due to the fact it was my first console and the one which is set up to better use the ease of play.

I have admitted to woning a PC but cannot run any new games and as such my PC game is Tiberian Sun or Wars.

I am not a PS3 fanboy, I just reply to 360 fanboys acting like a PS3 one causing them to retaliate hoping to get them banned.

kissmeimgreek3112d ago

I like your style of being a PS3 fanboy and actually admitting that the 360 has some great games. Its nice to find a reasonable person when looking through all of the idiots on this site.

mesh13111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

mrv ur ps3 fanboy but as u finally purchased a 360 ur finally realizing reality that most 360 games are far better than ps3 games fact

edit; or i forgot gameinformer a pro ps3 site tbh ! fact

mrv3213111d ago

I bought a 360 after I bought a PS3... so what, you probably only own a 360.

I'll add you on PSN, for you to understand the games you must play them, I've completed Uncharted 2 and found it outstanding but that does not stop me admitted Gears 2 is also really good, is it better? Well it's all a matter of opinion, I found myself liking Uncharted 2's singleplayer more because of the colour and the varied environments, if you removed the brown from Gears 2 it'd end up being like that black and red Nintendo game, but that does not really impact the quality of the Gears 2 singleplayer.

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mrv3213112d ago

I'm glad to see 9/10, it's strange to think of it but a 9/10 usually means better than 10/10 because 10/10 means there's a lot of hype and the reviewers fell into that.

Brklynty13112d ago

They gave MW2 a 9.5 and the boys went balistic on them

Mexico6193111d ago

they gave MW2 a 9.75 not a 9.5
here proof:

hardcore19123112d ago

the best game in the series. Good job Ubisoft.

peowpeow3111d ago

Not for me...(yet?)
I really prefer longer sp :( but if the gameplay makes up for it and satisfies me beyond my expectations then yes (Y).

thebudgetgamer3112d ago

if they say a game is good eight times out of ten i agree with them.

ikkeweer3112d ago

never a site though.
I have a dutch site which I follow, but I understand which reviewers to trust for my liking and which to avoid. Theyre all pretty reliable and wouldn't burn a game if it's good, but you somehow figure out which of them look at games as you do.
I trust certain reviewers, but never their employers.