G4TV: Crysis 2 First Look

"The New York location allows us to elevate the location in a sense that is emotionally more relevant for us. New York is symbolic for the pride of mankind. New York is the city that we are most proud of. If I would pick one city to protect, it would be New York."

Those were the words of Crytek's CEO & President Cevat Yerli during the world-debut presentation of Crysis 2 in New York City. Long gone are the idyllic beaches, rocky outcrops and lush canopy of the jungle that defined both of the company's biggest games, Far Cry and Crysis. The pitch now is "urban jungle," with palm trees replaced by traffic lights, beaches swapped for bus stops, and rocky cliffs transformed into skyscraper rubble. Disaster has once more found a home downtown.

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