Omegabalmung4804d ago

WKC EX edition? I thought it would be WKC 2.

vhero4803d ago

It is I guess this is a sort of a GOTY edition since Japs dont use the GOTY edition as in reality it never won GOTY and neither did borderlands/batman etc..

Redempteur4803d ago (Edited 4803d ago )

i don't think so .. there is clearly more characters (on a party ) and area not in the first game ..
also i see the princess annonced for the sequel so i guess it's from the sequel.what's the point of making new monster and areas when you're working on the sequel of your first game already ( not as a patch i mean )

Myst4804d ago

A pretty nice look into RPGs in this issue, I already see at least four games that I would get. Still need to pick up another DS as well and get a lot of these games.