Nintendo Now: My Thoughts on The Conduit 2

Nintendo Now writes: The only thing that bothers me about this is that it's coming out only a year after the first one. I have my doubts that The Conduit 2 was already in development while The Conduit 1 was being developed. Considering both are self funded titles and High Voltage and Sega had no idea if The Conduit 1 was going to "catch on." As far as I'm concerned, this game has probably been in development for about 7-9 months. And I have doubts this game is going to come out in the Fall 2010 time frame.

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Blaze9293113d ago

will be an interesting sequel for sure

Crazybone1263113d ago

I think you mis-read, it says "I'm pretty sure this was not in development alongside The Conduit 1"

I'm refraining from hopes

tunaks13113d ago

sounds awesome,
they're adding cop-op, more online options, and its pulling some inspirations from metroid prime for single player, thats always a plus

Crazybone1263113d ago

Yeah, I'm glad they are grabbing some stuff from Metroid Prime. I was shocked to see the ASE wasn't implemented like Samus's visor in the first place. Good and glad to see it is now.

matey3113d ago

i agree but they were developing this when the conduit 1 was nearing its final stages

HurstDarkStar3113d ago

i dont think t should take a develop for the wii, you really should be doing nuaghty dog time making their games on that system

Crazybone1263113d ago


I'm not quite understanding what you are saying. What should HVS do?

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