Can Crysis 2 Sell Well?

The Crysis series will make its console debut this year for both the Xbox 360 and PS3, with Crysis 2. The first Crysis game was exclusively for the PC and released in 2007. Crysis for PC was considered to be the best looking game in existence when it was released; of course the PC running the game, had to be a top of the line PC that could handle what Crysis had to offer graphically. With Crysis 2 set to release this year, there shouldn't be any questions on the graphics and gameplay. The real question should be, "can it sell well?"

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Tachyon_Nova3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I see no reason why not. The graphics are impressive, the gameplay should be solid given Crytek's history, the nanosuit is simply awesome, and the story should be a ripper given the creative talent behind it.

I doubt it will sell very well on PS3 though, at least amongst the diehard fanboys. All the comments you see about the game from these people are ones that show disregard for the truth. To my knowledge, all of the people who have seen the actual game running say it is graphically bloody impressive, if not the best looking FPS ever. But PS3 fanboys simply deny it is possible, because that would make the 360 roughly as powerful as the PS3, something they will never admit. And consequently, they will just deny that the game even exists just so they can keep peddling their crap about how awesome the PS3 is compared to the 360. Yes, the PS3 is quite good, but its not a supercomputer.

There reasoning is so unscientific to, indeed it is a case of post hoc ergo proctor hoc. That is, they believe that because currently the best looking (console) FPS is on the PS3, then the 360 is less powerful. There is no logic in this. As you will note, Sony have far more first party dev teams than MS, so it is only reasonable that they should be able to make better looking games as they can share and improve tech between more studios.

Hotel_Moscow3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

people can say its the best looking fps of all time but have they played all games that are contenders for best looking game

well xbox hasnt proven so far that its as powerful as the ps3 why should it start now because of one developer

actually it is a super computer when you combine a couple of them and if you count the fact that the cell in the ps3 isnt even fully working

actually it is logic since 2007 the ps3 has shown why it is better in graphics with exclusives that have yet to be matched on xbox every time a game on xbox comes out they say its going to be better graphically but it never turns out that way

and then you goto say sony has more first party tech teams but the 360 with its easier to code for architecture should own anything in graphics since its easier to code for get it either microsoft has terrible first party studios or the 360 is not as good as the ps3 in graphics

x8003111d ago

Tachyon_Nova WELL SAID

now i know why this site has so much hate for this game lol ps3 fanboys.

spektical3111d ago

across all platforms i see <4mil.

glennc3110d ago

it will sell better than the first. the whole point of bringing it out on console is because 95% of players of number 1 pirated the game - cryteks words not mine.

so without even reading your lame article... yes without a doubt.

kraze073110d ago

"95% of players of number 1 pirated the game"

And you know this how?

jalen2473110d ago

It will sell well on the 360 because it will definitely be the best looking 360 game when it is released. That in of itself will help the game push units.

It will sell well on the PS3 if it turns out to be better looking than top tier PS3 exclusives. But if it does look better than top tier PS3 exclusives it will sell okay.

I say this because we all know that Crysis strongest attribute is the graphics so this is what people will be buying it for because there are already better playing FPS available.

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