IGN: Metal Gear Solid Touch iPad Review

Metal Gear Solid Touch may look considerably better on the iPad thanks to the higher-res display, but the action itself remains as creaky as ever – if not even creakier considering how much time has passed and that Konami made no effort to upgrade anything within the game itself. Though it is set inside the Sons of Liberty universe, this really isn't much of a Metal Gear Solid game.

It's just a shooting gallery and a collection of unlockable wallpapers, earned by playing through the "adventure." At $7.99, it is way too much compared to what else is out there for similar prices or, in some cases, less.

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NateNater3116d ago

Its funny how Apple thinks they can compete against Sony and Nintendo in the handheld market. Look at that score. A 5 out of 10 on a quality brand game like MGS? Yea I'm gonna say that Sony and Nintendo don't have too much too worry about when it comes to the iPad and iPhone/Touch as competitors.

Garrison3115d ago

This ain't no quality brand game, it sucks. Hell I can even talk of first hand experience since I have it. They could of done a lot better than this

JoySticksFTW3115d ago

it's a fun little distraction for a few minutes (it get real hard, real fast though LOL)

but it can't compete with a real full-fledged DS / PSP game

likedamaster3115d ago

Yeah, a fun distraction for at least 2 seconds. Can't believed I even bothered, the game is completely on rails.