The Biggest Break Up In Video Game History

Kotaku: Intrigue, backstabbing, secret messages and double agents: Reading the world's largest game publisher's counter-suit against the top people in charge of creating the biggest video game franchise in history is like dropping into one of their Modern Warfare video games.

Told from the perspective of Activision, the publisher didn't take lightly the firing of Jason West and Vince Zampella. It was, they write in the 23-page lawsuit made public today, a decision that did not arrive at lightly or without good reason.

Reached for comment this afternoon, Robert M. Schwartz, the attorney representing Jason West and Vince Zampella, called Activision's take on the increasingly volatile break-up of the game makers and game publishers "false and outrageous."

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rbluetank3111d ago

i am wondering who going to win this suit... it should be settle out of court... i doubt it though!! gl all

NateNater3111d ago

I really hope Activision loses, wakes up, and starts caring about the quality of thier games.