Super SFIV is final game in series

Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has told OXM that there are no plans to continue the series.

While Ono keeps the possibility of future updates via DLC open, he also admits that he doesn't want to repeat 'mistakes Capcom has made in the past'.

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Simon_Brezhnev3208d ago

and i dont believe shít he say. I wouldnt be surprise if Scamcom make another SS4 game with only move or natal controls.

lociefer3208d ago

well, theres always street fighter 5 , he said he dont wanna milk 4 , so

champ213207d ago

So why dont they just add a turbo mode in the current game and extra characters via DLC. That doesnt seem so hard.

Oh wait then they couldnt milk the fans the price of a new game.

Neo6043207d ago

there gonna be super SF4, Super SF4 champion edition, Super SF4 Turbo, something like that.

garos823207d ago

i dont see sf5 coming in many years to come but this seems a little dissapointing that the next ssf4 will be the last for a while :(

ill be getting ssf4 soon and i wouldnt mind seeing dlc for the game- as long as its not extra costumes and crap like that id probably buy extra characters and modes.

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Sano643207d ago

I heard him say in the past he would like to work on a new Dark Stalkers game

palaeomerus3207d ago

If they make up five or six new characters then I am ALL for a new Vampire/Darkstalkers game done up STIV style. Yes sir I miss Darkstalkers and Vs. Capcom games just aren't the same. I do have the Vampire Collection for Matching Service import on my DC when I get nostalgic though the online is dead.

Baka-akaB3207d ago

it would probably be on a similar idea , using 3d models in a 2d plane , but it would have to be a new engine , or a massive rehaul of the sf4 one .

It handles beautifully deformation and cartoony style , but darkstalkers level ? According to Ono itself it would be hard , and i dont know if the franchise can get more investment to get a proper game .

Darkstalkers' saving grace would be the making of Marvel VS Capcom 3 , yet another cartoony fest . And then the use of whatever engine MCV3 would get .

DiLeCtioN3207d ago

just want to say that who ever posted this is a perv :P

Ryuha1234h3207d ago

Aw man, I was hoping for another version with more characters and ultras.

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