Sony Santa Monica Expecting More Power From The PS3 In Future

Sony Santa Monica's Bruno Velazquez has said the developer hasn't reached full potential, when it comes to utilising the PlayStation 3's power.

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Greywulf3113d ago

Looks like its back to the drawing board for Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Guerrilla games, Kojima Prod.. list goes on...

You guys were too late to the party with all your first hand research and engine development from sony themselves.

Buncha losers.

Do I need to put a /s ?

Al Bundy3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

You know, it's funny that only unreleased Xbox exclusives and multi plat games are supposed to look better than PS3 exclusives but when they release it's just another false alarm.

First it was supposed to be Gears 2- false alarm
and then it was supposed to be Ninja Blade- false alarm
and then it was supposed to be Forza 3- false alarm
and then it was supposed to be Mass Effect 2- false alarm
and then it was supposed to be Metro 2033- false alarm
and then it was supposed to be Splinter Cell- false alarm
and now it's supposed to be Alan Wake- pending
and now it's supposed to be Halo Reach- pending
and now it's supposed to be Crysis 2- pending

thor3113d ago

Yes, you needed to put the /s. To be fair your sarcasm was quite subtle.

boodybandit3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Santa Monica stop talking and GET TO WORK!

GOW3 was spectacular and if you are telling me you can do better? Prove it because I need me some more SM goodness on my PS3 as soon as humanly possible!

WhittO3113d ago

I dont think we have seen ACTUAL running video gameplay for Cysis 2 for PS3 have we ?

I REALLY doubt they will get Crysis 2 to look as amazing as Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 on PS3 - obviously they will on PC but were not talking about that.

To me, Killzone 2 has the best atmosphere/environmental effects/basically Epic amount of stuff onscreen at 1 time on any PS3 game to date.

sikbeta3113d ago

11 Disagrees, you Should Put that ->[ /S ]<- from the Beginning... lol

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Fishy Fingers3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I think this is rather apparent after the countless times I read "GOW uses 50%...."

None of the consoles have been fully utilised and never will, they'll continue to refine software to squeeze a little more out until the next gen arrives and the big gun developers focus all their attention on those.

Hotel_Moscow3113d ago

while the little guys still practice on ps3 catching up to the big guys and then surpassing them after a few years

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ColdFire3113d ago

You can't "max" a console, new software, optimisations, and ideas mean there is always some potential for improvement. Look at PS2 for example.

Hotel_Moscow3113d ago

ps2 is still making games the last scheduled game for ps2 is on september first wheres the xbox at oh yeah they stopped after 5 years and released the 360

Christopher3113d ago

Translation: We're going to improve our game engine to use the resources better, just like we did with the PS2. The hardware has already reached its cap, but we can learn to use it better so we can provide better looking and more entertaining games.

raztad3113d ago

I think it's nonsense to think you can tap at infinitum any hardware only improving and optimizing your engine, the hardware can get you so far. Eventually you will reach a plateu and "improvements" in the engine will be unnoticeable. GoW2 was claimed to be the top of PS2 prowess by SCEA itself. I bet SSM could have tried to refine even further their PS2 engine, but it wouldn't made any real impact in the overall look of the game.

Redrum0593113d ago

news on my ps3 just keeps getting better and better.

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movements3113d ago

And I'm sure they'll get it!

raztad3113d ago

SSM did an incredible job with GoW3. Incredible graphics and breathtaking scale. Unparalleled. I'm very sad to learn they had to cut some stuff out of the game to meet deadlines. Sometimes deadlines got to be broken in order to perfect the product.

Lets see what SSM have in the works. Anything from them will be DAY ONE for me. If they say the PS3 can give more I believe them.

Software_Lover3113d ago

Because of DVD. Blu-ray holds everything, no matter what the deadline is. Stop lying to these people.

gamingisnotacrime3113d ago

are you fooling around? Raztad is not lying or something like that, the developers said they had to change the ending form what was originally planned (apparently a few titans on screen was the original idea) because they understood it was going to take to much time and effort and the game has to be released eventually. Game development is not an utopic work with limitless resources, there are deadlines

Biggest3113d ago

Seriously. Stop lying about cutting content because of deadlines. It's obvious that they cut the content because it wouldn't fit on a BluRay. Except they didn't reach the max allowed data on a BluRay. Which then means. . . BluRay is worse than DVD because it can't even fit what it fits!! I'm so glad I took the time to think that out on my own. Wouldn't want to be a blind sheep, following the crowd to high definition.

Software_Lover3113d ago

You actually took that serious?

Well look at the disagrees, looks like someone else did also, LOL. SOME of the n4g users never cease to amaze me.

gamingisnotacrime3113d ago

at first i thought it was kidding, but after reading what i have read in this site common sense is not so common lol
is it joking????

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