UFC Undisputed 2010 Press Event Footage

Xbox Evolved:

"Check out some footage from the recent THQ UFC event and learn all the new features that went into this game and more."

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fr0sty5215d ago

lots of improvements to last year's game. should be worth getting, but i'd like to have more time to play it.


Top 10 Celebrity Cameos In Video Games

However you game, celebrity cameos can always make the experience more interesting. Here is Bit Culture's Top 10 Celebrity Cameos In Video Games.

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The Best MMA Games Review

MMA is one of the most intense and exciting sports to watch, but notoriously violent. For those not up to the intense dedication and training that learning MMA take, PS3 and Xbox offer a number of games which are the next best thing.

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3844d ago

Top 15 Pop Culture References in Trophies and Achievements

GXC: "Have you ever heard that Trophy ding, that Achievement bloop to see a title jokingly referencing your favorite movie so cleverly that you bust out in laughter? Developers have creative minds, that is for certain, but when you see em take that creativity and toss in something witty and humorous, there’s something special about it. Taking the extra time to appeal to a much broader fanbase is always respected in the gaming community, so here are 15 awesome references seen in trophies and achievements."

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ThatMiamiGuy4118d ago




Dark_Overlord4118d ago

I think Lego Lord Of The Rings at least deserves an honourable mention

Trophy - One does not simply...

Earned - Walk into Mordor.

Made me laugh :)