Joystiq: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Impressions

Lords of Shadow looks absolutely incredible. From the opening seconds of the preview, there was no questioning that this was a Castlevania game -- a proper, "next-generation" Castlevania with visuals that immediately drew comparisons to God of War III.

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Hot_tea3118d ago

There has not been a truly great Castlevania since the PS1 symphony of the night. And IMO Super Castlevania IV is still the greatest ever.

Lord Vader3118d ago

This game does look great, but I'm getting alittle tired of every button masher being refered to with 'God of War' in the headline or body of the article = really, it's getting old.

I love God of War 1,2, & 3 by the way... it just seems that journalists have to compare ps3 & 360 games all the time & sometimes it doesnt make any sense. Frankly, I'd like to get away from QTE's & focus on some fresh action gameplay in future hack n' slashers.