Activision counter-sues former Infnity Ward execs ( claims EA involved)

The fight is getting uglier as now there are counter allegations made by activision against Jason West and Vince Zampella.

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rbluetank3206d ago

Activision Vs Jason West and Vince Zampella. the best thing for all sides to do is settle before the lawyers get rich.....

archemides5183206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

billion dollar lawyers vs "arguin to get 36 million" dollar lawyers, i wonder who's gonna win this. it isn't about justice or what's right, it's about running people into the ground, and who does it wins. activision i'm sure has in-house lawyers just for this very type of thing so no reason to think some law firm is gonna get rich, that's just the way it work. and like in rocky 1, thumbs will b broken, or else other devs/etc will b standin up

it's fairly simple

Persistantthug3206d ago

You're trying to imply that the judicial system is so flawed (yes, much of it is flawed) that the "little guys", ex-Infinity Ward guys, don't stand much of a chance against "big, giant, titanic-corp, ACTIVISION.

If your premise was true, then HALF LIFE franchise wouldn't solely belong to Valve today.

So with that, I kindly disagree with you.

I Call 9MM3206d ago

Activsion lost me as a fan a long time ago with their constant sequels to their franchises and now all this drama. Treat your employees right and things like this wouldn't happen. Especially that whole bouncer/bullying debacle when this first started. I wouldn't be surpised if almost everyone at Infinity Ward disbanded and found work elsewhere.

Activision, and now Ubisoft (DRM crap) and even EA (C&C4 and its DRM)are starting to fall off my radar. At least there are other great companies with plenty of games to offer. Bethesda, Capcom, 2K, Atari, Square-Enix (Eidos), Sega, and of course Valve.

chak_3206d ago

just die activision and your crappy licenses.


SpinalRemains1383206d ago

C'mon Activision. You only paid for the games production, you didn't create the game. Let your employees do whatever they want lol

sikbeta3206d ago

[Battle of the Greedy Publishers]

Activison vs EA Games