Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to April 3rd.

How are the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 performing against themselves and each other when compared to previous years?

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thorstein3112d ago

Interesting information. I really like this for investing purposes. Not that I don't own MS, it is just that the price of my stock will slump, which means I will buy more because MS isn't going anywhere. I also will pump more into SONY since their sales are increasing in a down year.

Flanders3110d ago

"I really like this for investing purposes"

Fake sales numbers made up by some 20 something year old Xbox fan?

Hey, it's your money...

Britney Spears3110d ago

gap is getting smaller,sony should close it to 1 -2 mill by the end of the year.

madmonkey03110d ago

numbers are not reall, the gap is probably already a lot smaller than that, as it was the last time we had any reall numbers.

ericnellie3110d ago

Britney Spears - your name alone make you lose credibility! From this day on, your post mean nothing! Sorry dude.

Anon19743110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

At the end of Jan we learned from Sony via their financial updates that the PS3 had sold 33.5 million consoles so far. VGchartz's numbers were off by almost THREE MILLION units from the official data.

Now, there once was a time when Vgchartz would make adjustments to their figures when the official data from each company was out of sorts. Any respect I had for this site died the second they stopped recognizing the official ship data and making adjustments accordingly.

Edit: @ thorstein comments above. I wouldn't be bothering yourself with consoles sales as they make up just a fraction of each company's total revenue. Having worked in the brokerage industry for nearly a decade, I can tell you that only once have I ever heard consoles sales discussed in depth when going over the quarterly reviews. You might as well focus on Zune sales as an indicator of how Microsoft's stock is going. It's about as insignificant from an investors standpoint. Get your research from a reputable source or brokerage site for your investing info, not Vgchartz guesstimates.

Edit 2: And look! You're making me agree with GiantEnemyCrab. No one wants to see that. Stop posting Vgchartz numbers.

GiantEnemyCrab3110d ago

Industry News? It should be filed under Fiction.

saimcheeda3110d ago

stop posting numbers from vgchartz!

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The story is too old to be commented.