65 reasons to own a DS

The DS is a weaker machine than the PSP but it still has a few tricks that can be used as bullet points on the back of its box. Everyone knows about the second screen, the touch screen, and the wireless. Frankly, if it were up to small features, a DS list wouldn't get very high. But those things aren't what make the system worth owning. The DS is ultimately popular with gamers because of its games. Any list that wants to convince a gamer to buy a system should focus on games.

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Ru4305d ago

and I woulda been sold!

kspraydad4304d ago

Yep...65 iterations of Mario is a reason to get a DS....

ItsDubC4304d ago

As opposed to 65 iterations of the FPS genre that help sell the 360?

At least Mario Hoops, Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, Mario & Luigi - Partners in Time, and Super Mario 64 DS are entirely different types of games.

Armyless4304d ago

They're both cheap enough that your portable gaming experience benefits from both handheld's strengths. Can we stop comparing these two radically different pieces of hardware please?

sumfood4u4304d ago

But I own both a psp an a DS, an I enjoy them both.

JJB-3604304d ago

I am currently looking for another website with sources for Gaming NEWS, because it's these kind of topics that are driving me totally crazy. This is NEWS4Gamers, not OPINIONS4Gamers. The number of topics I've seen with "5 reasons why [insert console name here] will win the console war", is just shocking.
Sure, the very first one of these kind of topics made, raised a few eybrows in thought, but once you reach the 500th, it get just a LITTLE repetative.
Why can't people just WAIT to see what will happen, or even, *gasp, BUY the console, rather than thinking that these topics will result in some crazy butterfly effect that will change the course of this fanboyish 'war'?
This topic is just an example of these things that really annoy me.

Armyless4304d ago

Especially the weeks leading up to events like E3. But I agree 100% that these "articles" shouldn't even fall under the "news" banner at all... You should have to physically click away from the main page to view opinion pap, much like you do when you visit the Forums. Unfortunately, this site benefits from the rabid fanatics' constant back and forth playground banter with repeated visits.