Bulletstorm scans

Check out some new Game Informer scans of Bulletstorm, Epic's and People Can Fly's new Sci-Fi FPS slated for a 2011 release.

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TOO PAWNED3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

looks awesome!
Personally i wish it was TPS

LordMarius3113d ago

looks like they took a bunch of games and mixed them together, I dont know if this is good or bad but it looks generic.
will wait for a vid

Simon_Brezhnev3113d ago

I'm not getting hype for it yet. Then again im not a fan of sci-fi games. Is this another post apocalyptic game?

ABizzel13113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Graphically it looks like Gears of Borderlands. And if it's anything like those 2 games then it should be a really good game. No co-op kind of stinks, but oh well.

CellularDivision3113d ago

Uncharted 2 says hi.

gaffyh3113d ago

@1.4 - Your trolling makes no sense.

On topic - I think it sounds pretty good, but I don't think Epic will have much to do with it. Seems like this is the Painkiller devs game, and they have had a little help from Epic and stamped their name on it in order to get more sales. The enemy in that first pic actually looks like an enemy from Gears as well, so maybe they borrowed some Gears assets?

Dr Face Doctor3113d ago


I think the relationship here is that People Can Fly makes the game in general, and Epic makes sure the game is as polished as it can be.


I can't believe I actually agree with Too Pawned. Anyway, the game looks great, sucks I have to wait until 2011 though...

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Lou-Cipher3113d ago

This is Epic's other game reveal.(didn't see what platforms the game is on)

and to those that are interested:
Splinter Cell Conviction scored a 9/10.

Dr Face Doctor3113d ago

It's on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

Fanb0y3113d ago

Splinter Cell 9/10! That's nice to hear.

Can you point out what the highs and lows were according to the review?

Dr Face Doctor3113d ago

They said in the splinter cell review that it was a good mix of action and stealth. There was scant a complaint except for overuse of the Black & White effect (the color is desaturated when you're in stealth mode).

Lou-Cipher3113d ago

The environments are buautifully rendered, and Sam's animations are killer. Black & White effects are used to freely, resulting in a detachment from the world.

Sam's gravelly tones are fueled by emotion and backed by a suprisingly score.

I never once had to fuss with the controls. The stealth mechanics are easy to embrace, and the gunplay offers razor-sharp precision.

A Satisfying conclusion to Sam Fisher's talecoupled with one of gaming's most rewarding co-op experiences.

Replay Value:
Moderately High

Second Opinion

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Omega43113d ago

Interesting art style looks kinda cell shaded

N4PS3G3113d ago

It looks rather good but i'm not blown away. Don't like the setting and the artstyle and design it's starting to look really generic. It's like a RAGE/Gears/Borderlands all together : \

Anyway i will wait for gameplay but i'm keeping in mind that this is not from the Gears team like they want people to believe. This is done by Epic/People Can Fly studios responsible of Painkiller and the Gears of War PC port..and its a rather smaller team but let's see what they can do.

Dr Face Doctor3113d ago

Images should be back up and running now.

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