TOSE being asked to produce software for the 3DS

It seems as though TOSE, a competent developer that has created games for Square Enix, Capcom, and even Nintendo, has been asked to produce games for the 3DS.

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Valay3141d ago

This is very good news. For people who aren't aware - They've made Super Princess Peach, all of the Starfy Games, and Dragon Quest Monster: Joker titles.

SpoonyRedMage3141d ago

They developed all of the Dragon Quest Monster games as well as done quite a few ports... which aren't so great. I think Dead Rising: CTYD is a testament to that.

Great developers though.

Valay3141d ago

Yeah, I agree that their ports haven't been too hot, but their original content has been great for the most part.

TheGuidoGamer3141d ago


All I know is that I sure as hay hope that concept model that was on the Munch Blog ends up being the final 3DS. I was shiggety shocked when I saw it scan the magazine cover using the screen.

Guidos for life.

SpoonyRedMage3141d ago

TOSE are pretty awesome, it's sad to hear they lost money but they have Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 coming this year which should help them a lot in that regard.

I can't wait to see their 3DS games. I wouldn't be surprised if a new DQM was high in the list of priorities.