GameZone: Dragon Age Origins - Awakening Review

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening isn't exactly what many would have envisioned for a full-out expansion for BioWare's popular title that launched last winter. At times, it's enthralling and intriguing; in other occasions, it's disappointing and underwhelming. To put it frankly, it's a title that's all over the place and, in the end, the darkspawn may have won the battle to bring the world of Dragon Age to a stall.

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Nakerman3112d ago

I have way too many RPGs to play.

athmaus3112d ago

i second that...i havent even had tie to really play FF13....:(

kimvidard3112d ago

triple cool, but seriously, Dragon Age is probably the best RPG in years, so anything more Dragon age is a thumbs up from me.

Kyrwolf3112d ago

well this is disappointing, to say the least

UndeadAreGo3112d ago

Not as good as the original, but I'll still jump on it.

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