OnLive is 'Doomed,' says Alex St. John

Take the much anticipated launch of OnLive for example. It's a great sounding idea – streaming games that require no installation, can be played anywhere, and are stored in the cloud with support for spectating! Sounds great; it's too bad that it's doomed.

Is anybody out there aware that Valve is doing a 9-figure downloadable gaming business for premium titles already? Although Valve is so wildly profitable that they have little need to hype the company to investors, I suspect that Gabe Newell is smiling to himself and thinking the same thing I am. This is going to be a fun show. Does anybody remember how many failed companies there are who have had the same idea and perfectly workable technology solutions for delivering premium games over the Internet?

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SuperStrokey11233166d ago

I was really really excited for onlive when i first saw it... then they released the pricing and I honestly think they are pricing themselves out of the market. 15 bucks a month and then you need to buy the games on top of that as well... Might as well just buy a home console then. No need to worry about monthly fees, dont have to worry about being online, and dont have to worry about download caps.

If it was only 15 bucks a month and that included all games I would be in for sure. Assuming of course that my IP didnt kill it lol.

Nineball21123166d ago

Yeah, it seems like a good idea until you get into the details.

There is a big disconnect between what gamers are willing to pay for a service like this and what the company expects/needs to be able to profit from providing the service.

I agree with you... there is a balancing point where it makes it worthwhile for me to try this or where I'd be better off with the existing tech (ie. consoles).

raztad3166d ago

ONLIVE is a big fail in my books.

No ownership, tied for ever to a monthly service, if not internet connection no playtime, when subscription expires you are left with nothing? This model could be right for TV (where you usually dont watch things more than once) but I want to replay my games as many times as I feel like w/o asking for permission.