Destructoid: Talking God of War III with Stig Asmussen

Nick Chester writes, No secret, I liked God of War III, and looking at Metacritic, it seems I wasn't alone. The PlayStation 3 exclusive that's said to wrap up the long-running trilogy is kind of a big deal.

So when I had a chance to speak with the game's director, Stig Asmussen, at GDC last month, all I wanted to talk about is what happened from the moment I pressed start to the moment the credits rolled. The resulting chat was filled with spoiler talk, including what did and didn't make the final cut (and why), and where Sony Santa Monica could go with the series next.

I wanted to give you a guys a few weeks to see the game to completion before posting this interview, and there's a good reason. If the words "spoiler talk" and "spoiler alert" in the headline didn't do it for you, here's your third warning: Everything after the jump, including images and video, could and should be considered a spoiler. You have been warned... three times.

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NateNater3211d ago

I thought that was actually a very informative interview. Good job Destructoid! :)

raztad3211d ago

This made me cry:

"We had a big Titan scene at the end, which we had to remove, which was a really tough thing to do. We had this actual whole kind of gameplay on Gaia while you're fighting Zeus, [and you're] on top of Gaia. Gaia's involved in the battle and everything. We had it all working, it was just getting it to the final stage was gonna be impossible, and we ended up having to remove it so we could make the other Titan scenes really good."

So much EPICNESS cut out the game. I knew something was sort of "missing" at that point. I tell you I would prefer they to delay the game 2 or 3 more months just to include this. This is so sad.

gmoney05053210d ago

I totally agree with you on that raztad. It also sounds like they cut out some puzzle elements that would have made the puzzle sequence better. Cause the ones in God of War 3 are lackluster and easy compared to the puzzles in God of War 1& 2.

Great interview. Wish I wouldn't have read it cause it made me mad that the game could have been even more epic with the removed stuff with more time.

yogaflame3210d ago

Well i hope thyey add that as DLC

clintos593210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

U know I am also sad to see that they had to cut something like that out which I believe if it was done, most of the reviews wouldve gave this game a 10 but still I feel even with what they cut out that reviewers were still hard on god of war 3 because its the best game ive ever played in its genre & im on my 3rd play through & the game still blows me away.

I feel like god of war 3 reviews especialy from game sites that gave it lower then a 9 had to be either a reviewer who didnt like the genre or was just out to get hits by lowering its score. I should know because I loved uncharted 2 & mgs4 single player but after playing god of war 3, I honestly think that the story may not be on the level of those 2 amazing games but it is good enough & is on a level on its own when it comes to "Scale & WOW" moments. Its definitely my GOTY for this year.

raztad3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

GoW3 tops my personal list of best games ever. Any site giving the game less than a solid 9 is a no go for me. Considering so much mediocrity receiving high scores something as EPIC as GoW3 deserves much better.

If you watch the video: "Making of GoW3" somebody said they used to spend less than a day to have a full modeled character for the PS2 games; for GoW3 several days (or weeks? dont remember well) were needed. I definitely can see how creating that many high res assets/models from scratch for their first PS3 game, while developing the GoW3 engine was extremely time consuming. Kudos to SSM. They did an incredible job. It's still very sad to learn game could have been even more EPIC with a little of more time.