Kotaku | Crysis 2 Preview: Two Ways To Save New York, New York

According to Crysis 2, one of the biggest shooters coming to consoles and PCs this fall, there will be two ways to save the Big Apple in early September of 2023: Like a predator; or like a tank.

Developers from German development studio Crytek came to the New York City of 2010 this week to show off a playable version of the more bombastic, more streamlined - but, they say, not at all dumbed down - sequel to the PC-only first-person shooter Crysis.

In a demo running on Xbox 360 hardware, they controlled a super-solider from a first-person perspective, using Crysis 2's Nanosuit 2.0 to toggle between two main modes, predator and tank, to take on crafty black ops human enemies and then to try to fend off an overwhelming tide of Ceph aliens descending upon Manhattan.

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