Cryptic: Our Games Are "Good, But Not Great"

While speaking to IncGamers in a recent interview, Cryptic Studios' newly-appointed Chief Creative Officer Bill Roper admitted the company's current games could be better.

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Maticus3118d ago

I think Cryptic really tries to do the right thing. It's a shame some people are determined to dislike them regardless.

jamesgtaiv3117d ago

Thats a well managed statement. Besides, its not smart for any company leader to think what they do is perfect (Infinity Ward). Gotta give the guy credit. Shows character.

Fyzzu3118d ago

Fair assessment, and much as a few people are going to jump up and down on this, I think it's good to see a company actually being realistic about their own products. I don't think it's fair to proclaim Cryptic's games "bad" but there's always such hype about them that people can't help but feel disappointed when they don't quite match up.

Malfurion3118d ago

Champions and STO really aren't that bad ya know. Like Bill said, they're not great but they're getting there. All games start out a bit wobbly and improve over time.

BubbleSniper3118d ago

ms can learn from cryptic games

but if ms said somethin like "hey. we're overpriced and you might get RROD but the games are good"

then people left n right would jump OUT

Chazmers3118d ago

hopefully they have a plan to make them great then

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