IGN: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Eyes-On

Astute fans may recall Lords's original debut in brief demos for the press prior to last year's E3 sans an explicit link to the Castlevania dynasty. After whispers and rumors linked the game to the Belmont family's unending struggle against the night, Konami finally confirmed the title's vampire killing pedigree last June with an in-engine trailer (though little else), and gave in-person demonstrations to select press at last year's Leipzig Games Convention (you can read Matt Casamassina's preview from that demo here).

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FangBlade3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

This is God of War 3 all over again just with inferior graphics.

SpinalRemains1383112d ago

GOW is like Castlevania. Castlevania was first, always was first, and always will be first. Castlevania was making 3D action games years before God of War was even thought of.

TOO PAWNED3112d ago

Sure but those old 3d games were nothing like GOW, more like adventure/exploration/action. GOW is hack/slash adventure and THIS Castelvania like many other games these last few years copy GOW. whether you like it or not that is FACT

Dark_Helmet3112d ago

I've played almost every castlevania game at some point in my life. I even enjoyed the clunky N64 game. Curse of Darkness was fun as hell and way underrated. I have watched the E3 2009 teaser at least 10 time this past year, I get a tingle in my spine every time.

It kinda looks like they are borrowing alot from GoW, that is not necessarily a bad thing as long as they keep the addicting rpg elements in. I think castlevania fans will be happy. Can't wait

SpinalRemains1383112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Me too, man. I have been whipping and slashing every Castlevania title for 25 years. I have been psyched for this one ever since PS3 launched. This should be well worth the wait. While most 3D action games resemble each other, there's a fundamental reason for that. How can 1 #D action game not resemble another? You move all around and slash enemies. The concept is rather generic so it's not really apropos to say that one borrows from another. They're similar in their genre's inception to begin with. Besides, Castlevania's Belmont family has been chain whipping for over 20 years prior to Kratos even being around. Thumbs up to castlevania, and thumbs up to Dante's Inferno and God of War 3 for raising the bar. Let's hope that Lords of Shadows is as good as both of the aforementioned 2.

Oh BTW; (I loved Curse of Darkness also! Not as Much as Lament, bud CoD was badass!)

And for the love of Simon Belmont, can we please all stop whining about SoTN? Yes the game was great, but it's time to move on. SoTN pales in comparison to Dante's Inferno and any next gen 3D action game. Let SoTN stay in 1999 on PS2 where it belongs.

SpinalRemains1383112d ago

If Lament was years before GoW and the chain whip was 2 decades before that, then how did Castlevania copy anything? GoW is great but it's a different game. Can you be specific in what Castlevania is copying?

SpinalRemains1383112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Lament of Innocence - 2003

God of War1 - 2005

What you're saying makes no sense. God of War being released later was a better game, but God of War did not invent or bring anything new to the table. It expanded on the already exsisting 3D action genre that Castlevania revolutionized. Fact.

Reeperdotcom3112d ago

How about we rate this game based off of it's own merits instead of comparing it to GOW. Sometime's I think fanboys want all other Devs to stop making games due to the fact that it may not be able to compete with GOW. I for one am looking forward to this and cannot wait to see what Kojima Pro. put out.

SpinalRemains1383112d ago

I guess if you're 13 years old though, everything revolves around Kratos.