Sony PlayStation 3 Is Profitable Says Analyst

Sony's recent redressing of the PS3's production problems has made it profitable according to Richard Doherty, an analyst at the US research firm Envisioneering Group.

The analyst told Bloomberg that thanks to Sony's resolution of its production issues the PS3 has actually been profitable for several months, while he reckons that Microsoft loses money on every Xbox 360 it sells.

"Any price cut they try to make puts them more into the red,'' says Doherty of the 360.

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NewScratch4304d ago

not bad, took them about 8 months to get that small (haha) issue out of the way...

ps3gogetitt4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

A standalone bluray player cost more to manufacture?, yeah right well that's a joke....well like the articles author I will like to know where this analyst got this info from becuase not even sony will say something like this and they love to admit to this stuff. 360 will never be profitable so they keep selling games

Blasphemy4304d ago

Blu Ray players(like all elextronics at first) are exspensive not because they cost so much to make but because manufactures have to make their money back from all the R&D they put into making them.

closedxxx4304d ago

PS3- blu ray hardware, "super computer" Cell processor, Wi-fi, hard drive.
X360- Triple core processor...

That's it, and you're going ot tell me the PS3 is profitable, and the Xbox360 is not... I gotta call bullsh*t on this one.
It just doesn't make sense.

SimmoUK4304d ago

Could be possible with the Blu-Ray factor, Sony was a big investor into the format and it's took off really well compared to HD DVD, weve already seen confirmation of price reductions to mass produce PS3's...

pwnsause4304d ago

well thats a shocker for ya lol, how would the fanboy spin that?

Rythrine4304d ago

Don't underestimate the fanboys here. Even if Sony is giving away the PS3 for free with 10 free games plus an 50" HDTV, they'll still find a way to say something negative about it lolz.

kr90914304d ago

At the dude above me: LMAO!!! Yea you said it brother! lol

closedxxx4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

If Rhythrine keeps it up he might be getting a little BJ action from kr9091... brother

Rikimaru4304d ago

Seems u hit quite a few "Xbox fanboy" nerves with ur comment. This retard above me is already acting up. BJ? grow up

XxZxX4304d ago

Archaic, Must be speaking from experience just like how you gave all microsoft's employee BJ. You need to teach your way to Sony Fan or else they will be just hi-fiing each other.

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Blankman4304d ago

don't know about it being profitable already but its not impossible. The ps3 alone cannot be profitable yet. They do however sell at a profit in europe and they managed to shave off about 100 dollars off that extra 200 and sumthin earlier in the yr. They could have also shaved off an additional 50. This combined with blu ray sales and maybe european ps3 sales maybe... just maybe they did it already

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