Can Crysis 2 out Halo, Halo this Fall?

Sarcastic Gamer visits NYC to check out the debut of Crysis 2 and lays out the details of EA and Crytek's upcoming blockbuster. After laying out the facts, they ask the question of whether it will be big enough to take on Halo: Reach?

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Gradient3114d ago

Everything else, depends on EAs investment in review swag.

EVILDEAD3603114d ago

HALO REACH is the ONLY Halo killer in existence..period..

Crysis 2 is a Crysis Killer..period..

Halo Reach will finally overturn Halo 3's 4-player campaign..which wasnt the best in the series..and finally take on a multiplayer system that simply has not been topped this generation.

When the frenzy for Reach peaks in September..please revisit this article and try to keep a straight face.

Here's to hoping Crysis 2 will be another great addition to the console FPS world..but it won't topple the king


MAR-TYR-DOM3114d ago

Crysis 2 has potential, at this level, graphics dont matter, i will be looking for good gameplay and awesome online. For crysis especially, i'll wait a few months after release to buy the game, i dont want to repeat a MW2 mistake ever again.

Fanb0y3114d ago


And it's another Halo. Crysis can't top its sales. Probably will never top it in replay value either. People will not be playing Crysis 2 for longer than 2 months - but that's just my educated guess.

I won't purchase Crysis 2, simply because of the lack of replayability from the first game. Sure, there were multiple ways to your objectives, but the gameplay didn't feel quite deep enough.

Believe it or not, I believe Halo Reach will have deeper shooting mechanics than Crysis 2.
-Armor abilities. I won't go all over them, but they will change gameplay.
-Whole new depth to close quarters combat. Now, bullets and melee hits won't damage through shields until they pop. Players have to time them well.
-Blooming reticule, but that's in a lot of games
-Shield vs health, plasma vs bullets

3114d ago
Blaze9293114d ago

Seeing as a majority of gamers couldn't even experience Crisis 1 I doubt it could even phase the Resistance series yet alone the Halo juggernaut. Crysis is just eye candy - the story sucks ass and EA/Crytek know that damn well which is why they are bringing Richard Morgan in for Crysis 2.

But the simple answer, no. Crysis can't do anything to Halo except people see a graphical difference.

xTruthx3114d ago

Probably graphically but thats not y we buy games, anyways the title made me lol because it wont, at least on its first try it wont.

-Alpha3114d ago

"Probably graphically but thats not y we buy games"

Tell that to this generation's ignorant fanboys who judge everything ON DA GRAFIX!

Crysis wont kill Halo but FFS, why does it have to? This is what tarnished Killzone's legacy. People just had to jealously compare it to Halo and claim it was going to "kill" it. Ludicrous.

xTruthx3114d ago


Every fanboy needs something to hold an argument with

If 360 was leading in visuals, 360 fanboys would be using that.

Every 1 will use something thee can use to try and make their system of preference look better.

sid4gamerfreak3114d ago


so pls, stop comparing them and saying which one will top the other in sales.

Inside_out3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Halo Reach will break the sales record on the 360...Nothing this year will match it...Everything I've seen from Crysis looks average at best...Halo is untouchable as long as Bungie is behind the wheel...All the Halo games have been fantastic IMO and judging from all the vids/blogs/trailers Reach will be amazing...

Crysis trailer was average if not below average for this gen...Completely coping Gears trailer right down to the music from yrs ago, thought locust were gonna come out of that like Xbox 1 and the screens they just released look pretty bad...check them out for yourselves...The PC version looks amazing with stunning animations...still...this year in gaming on the consoles gonna be hard to beat...

Developers have to make decisions on where to concentrate their resources when making a game...Bungie knows this and while improving the graphics, they spent just as much time maximizing the game play and AI...Bungie always delivers excellent single player GAMEPLAY as well as some of the best multi player out there...Watch the Reach trailers and developer diaries...Reach the biggest Halo game Bungie has ever attempted to make...Huge levels with many intelligent AI and vehicles running around, all in game with minimal cut scenes...Nothing like it...EVERY gamer out there should have a chance to play it...Gonna be EPIC....

jut4203113d ago

The thing I find people (including myself) like most about Halo is the Halo universe. Maybe Crysis will have better graphics or gameplay or multiplayer or all of them, but none of that will matter because a lot of fans of Halo are just fans of everything Halo. A suprising number of people I know who like Halo read all the Halo books and just love the universe. That's something you can never take away from Halo, is how awesome the Halo universe is. I don't think anything will kill Halo, unless they totally F up the franchise and make a lame spin-off. Games may become as big as Halo, but they will never kill off Halo, not for some time at least.

Hanif-8763113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Only Gran Turismo 5 have a chance to outsell Halo Reach and the possibility of that is still debatable. Xbox360 fans will buy anything with Halo on there, i'm sure its probably gonna sell 5 million within the first week sales. However, i'm going for Gran Turismo 5 because its simply the definitive racing simulator on the planet coming fall 2010.

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Fishy Fingers3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

In sales, hype and publicity, not a chance. In everything else (stuff that actually matters) I dont see why not.

They'd be hard pushed to bet Bungie when it comes to multiplayer though. I'm not a big Halo fan/player but they do what their fans want and they do it well. Crysis Wars, wasnt that great, so hopefully they've worked on that.

GodGinrai3114d ago

never played crysis (I dont game on pc) but in terms of multiplayer takes alot of doing to beat halo`s mp ( which i still play and will continue playing until reach beta arrives next month!). crysis looked awsome but i dont hear any pc owners banging on about how much fun it is...and thats saying something considering its supposed to be PC gamings trump card. Atleast with reach ill know next month if its gonna be good. crysis2 is a dark horse...just have to wait to find out, but man ,it sure is a looker!...if there are any gamers who have play both crysis and halo3 speak up ....i want to hear some constructive stuff from ya`ll.

Chris_TC3113d ago

All you people who have never played Crysis: stop commenting on its gameplay and reducing it to its graphics.

Even if you've never played the game, you could at least check out Wikipedia and open your eyes to how well it was received:

<<Crysis was awarded a 98% in the PC Gamer U.S. Holiday 2007 issue, making it one of the highest rated games ever in PC Gamer, tying with Half-Life 2 and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.[22] The UK edition of the magazine awarded the game 92%, describing the game as "A spectacular and beautiful sci-fi epic." GameSpot awarded Crysis a score of 9.5 out of 10, describing it as "easily one of the greatest shooters ever made."[39] GameSpy gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stating that the suit powers were fun but also criticizing the multiplayer portion of the game for not having a team deathmatch.[40] X-Play gave it a 3 out of 5 on its "Holiday Buyer's Guide" special episode, praising the graphics and physics, but criticized the steep hardware requirements as well as stating that the game is overhyped with average gameplay.[43] GamePro honored Crysis with a score of 4.75 out of 5, saying it was "a great step forward for PC gaming," but criticized the steep hardware requirements.[38] IGN awarded it a 9.4 out of 10, hailing it as "one of the more entertaining ballistic showdowns in quite some time."[21]>>

GodGinrai3113d ago

"All you people who have never played Crysis: stop commenting on its gameplay and reducing it to its graphics."

?....At no point in my statement did i say anything negative about crysis. i mereley spoke on what i have seen...and i have only seen it never played it so i never commented on its gameplay. i just spoke on what i excpect of halo`s gameplay..based o the fact that i have played all halo games.And i was on the halo 3 beta .And i will be playing the Reach beta in just a few weeks...

"Even if you've never played the game, you could at least check out Wikipedia and open your eyes to how well it was received"

I asked for the opinions of you guys NOT the reviews ,but thanks for the effort all the same :) i couldnt be bothered to look it up!

Solidus187-SCMilk3114d ago

this guy seems like hes a Halo hater and a crysis fanboy. He doesnt even say anything about reach other than when he says it wont be as good a crysis 2. Why not just do a crysis 2 preview since you mention NOTHING about Reach.

Why cant people like more than one game at a time.

I dont think that crysis will have as roubust a multilayer mode as reach but I think it will still be great.

Crysis is also gonna have to battle with the new COD game that a TON of people will surley play too.

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